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What is the food like in drug rehab?

We realize the importance of good nutrition in early recovery, which is why all Royal Life Centers detox and inpatient treatment facilities employ the finest chefs and kitchen staff. The freshest ingredients and careful preparation go into each meal we…

How To Start Your Recovery in 2021

Start Sobriety

So you’ve decided to start recovery in 2021. Congratulations! The first step to start your recovery is admitting you are addicted to a substance. Whether you hit rock bottom or had a moment of clarity sitting in traffic, you can…

CBD: A Game Changer?


CBD: An In-depth Look In all likelihood, you have probably heard the word ‘CBD’ thrown around in your day-to-day life. You may have seen shops opening up around your city, or have a coworker or loved one talking about it.…

Financial Planning: Reducing Debt


Reducing Your Debt So, you’ve taken time to review your budget and you’ve made cuts where you can. Now, let’s talk about how to reduce your overall debt. This is the next step toward improving your credit and financial wellness.…

Surviving Quarantine Fatigue


Our Lives Have Changed Back in December, did you get a little bit excited to start the new “Roaring 20s” ? That seemed to be the common theme for New Years Celebrations. This was supposed to be one for the…

Recovery Lifestyle Reduces Risks of Coronavirus


Evidence-based peer-reviewed scientific articles have long established the fact that respiratory viruses, including coronavirus, infect worried and otherwise stressed people more than their more accepting, grateful, and serene counterparts. How did early scientific studies show that stress increases the “risk…

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