Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHP - our partial hospitalization program

Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) is the first three-week phase of IOP following detox and residential inpatient. It consists of six hours of group per day, Monday through Friday and three hours of group on Saturday.

PHP is simply a less structured, more flexible treatment option. Designed for guests who have completed detox, and no longer require the 24/7 medical monitoring of residential inpatient. PHP also prepares guests for intensive outpatient programming (IOP) and is the first step back into society.

PHP benefits those who have a support network in place and can be self-sufficient while preventing relapse. This is the first stage of our IOP program created to prepare guests for building and maintaining healthy, sober lives.

What does PHP entail?

In PHP, evidence-based, holistic treatment includes group, activity/movement, individual, adventure, and equine therapies, as well as psychiatry with medication management. Our integrative, biopsychosocial and spiritual approach to treatment incorporates an array of treatment. Some examples are group and individual therapy, recreational opportunities, relapse prevention, full psychiatric evaluation, psychotherapy, trauma resolution, education on gender-specific issues, and 12 step meetings. These will provide guests with the resources needed to lead lives free of substance dependence.

Through these sessions and activities, we restore mind, body, and spirit; this threefold targeting defines holistic treatment at Royal Life Centers. Custom-tailored to each guest, we utilize collaborative, comprehensive treatment plans. Guests work closely with their therapist and case manager to ensure that they’re on track to reach their goals and have the resources needed to do so.

At Royal Life Centers, the guest always comes first, which is why we offer only the best, including guest living arrangements. In all phases of outpatient treatment, guests reside at Royal Life Housing, our sober living community. Rental fees during PHP are included in guests’ treatment plan, and our supportive, in-house sober living staff is available 24/7. Each of our sober living homes features luxurious living rooms, spacious bedrooms, walk-in closets, and plasma TVs with cable. We also provide transportation to 12 step meetings four times each day.

Please reach out to our admissions team at (877)-RECOVERY at any time with questions you have about our PHP or other inpatient or outpatient programs. We are here to help Because We Care.