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We are overjoyed when our alumni reach out with gratitude. Our goal is to help you rebuild a life rooted in happiness, health, and meaning in sobriety. Because We Care.

“I came to RLC a very broken and sick person. This has been my only experience in a rehab facility, and I am graduating today. I am free, clean and sober today because of how much these people genuinely care about us. They are so dedicated to our health and long term happiness in sobriety! This has been one of the best experiences of my life. I feel important to Royal. My life and recovery means something to them. They deserve every penny I spent to get sober here. I will always recommend them if someone I know is serious about changing their life for the better. Thank you all!!! You ROCK!!!”
- Lindsay N.
Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5
“I am an alumni of Chapter 5, and I am so grateful for everything they have done for me. The staff are helpful, supportive, and professional. This program is structured in a great way. The housing team and clinical team work together to set each client up for success. I really felt cared about. I was able to learn how to balance recovery, responsibility, work, and of course, fun. They did a great job preparing me for my transition out of treatment. Chapter 5 helped me to start rebuilding my life, and I wouldn’t be celebrating 14 months of sobriety today without them.”
- Mike R.
Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5
“Royal Life Centers saved my life. Their staff is a group of amazing individuals who really care about each guest. Without their help, who knows where I would be. My parents were hesitant to send me across the country at first, but they are so happy now. I finally have a relationship with them that we all treasure and do not take for granted. Thank you Royal Life Centers! Highly recommend.”
- Tiffany J.
Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound
“This is my first time in treatment, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to. I can say that it saved my life and my marriage. The staff is amazing they honestly care about you and your recovery. I have never experienced such genuine care and respect from any business. The food is phenomenal when I could finally eat, the groups are amazing I have learned so much about myself and my disease and had fun doing it. I would recommend this place to anybody who has an addiction and can’t quit on their own.”
- Tyler C.
Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights
“Amazing facility. The staff does their best to make you feel comfortable. Everyone genuinely cares. The food is amazing, and the kitchen staff is great. They really do care”
- Tiffane S.
Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound
“Royal Life Centers is a great facility. They’ve done nothing but care since the day I’ve arrived. All the staff have their own experiences, and I greatly appreciate them being able to relate to things I’ve been through. They have a phenomenal team from Case Managers, Group Facilitators, 1-1 Therapist’s to Alumni Coordinators and an amazing Housing Director. I enjoy this facility because they give you the care and safe place you need to work on your issues while here. Plenty of room to make mistakes if that’s what you wish, but not locked down enough to feel suffocated. I would recommend.”
- Christian M.
Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5
“Absolutely the greatest rehab on earth. I should know Ive been to too many. The owner personally scholar-shipped me to fly out there from Washington state. They invested not only a massive amount of time but also money into me. The amenities are amazing. The staff is absolutely beyond amazing. From the counselors to the drivers to the office staff. Words can not even express my thanks and gratitude. I could literally write a book about how wonderful this place is. Thank you…”
- Daniel O.
Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5
“Royal life centers is awesome and saved my life! This program has helped me learn who I really am , taught me how to love my self and live my life sober!! Everyone of the staff members is genuine and actually cares. I’ve created great relationships with myself and others , definitely one of the best experiences I have had. Love you all and thank you so much!!”
- Taylor E.
Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5

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