Native American Program

Native American programs introduce guests to the belief that indigenous healing and recovery are possible through empowerment. Culturally competent treatment programs offer Native American healing rituals that provide relief from generational trauma and develop inner resilience.

Royal Life Centers’ Native American Program (NAP) allows our guests to experience, explore, and reconnect to tribal teachings and ancestral knowledge, helping them cultivate a fulfilling, sober lifestyle. We developed our Native American Program to promote a healing opportunity for both tribal and non-tribal guests at Royal. We are committed to ensuring that our guests recover from addiction and restore life’s natural order during our culturally competent treatment program for Native Americans.

Our Native American Program for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Royal’s Native American Program addresses the mental and behavioral health risk factors involved with drug and alcohol abuse. To provide inclusive care, our program integrates culturally competent activities. In doing so, we hope to motivate native and non-native guests as they participate in Native American healing rituals. As our guests progress toward healthier lifestyles, these healing practices benefit their relationships with themselves, their families, and their community.


Chiefly, NAP courses, ceremonies, and peer-support gatherings expose you to the ceremony of healing in an inclusive and respectful environment. We value the importance of inclusivity, believing in its power as a powerful component of healing. For this purpose, guests participating in our Native American Program become a part of a healthy, life-changing movement.


In general, tribal healing courses include talking circles and hands-on activities that increase self-confidence and the desire to recover from addiction. Overall, Native American programs work to remove substance abuse in native people and the feelings of social isolation. At the same time, Native American programs offer treatment services that help to increase positive and productive behaviors within tribal communities.


We also want to acknowledge the team at Wellbriety in addition to the local tribes of Washington state. The efforts of our team and local tribal leaders who provide insights, support, and guidance have helped us build a successful, culturally competent Native American program.

Royal Life Center’s Wellbriety-Certified Treatment Programs

Royal Life Centers is honored to be a part of the White Bison Wellbriety family as one of only 10 Wellbriety Certified Treatment Centers. More specifically, we proudly offer our Native American Program for guests undergoing treatment in one of our five facilities located across the beautiful state of Washington.

Our NAP is led by competent and highly experienced indigenous staff and consultants, many of whom are White Bison certified Wellbriety trainers. Wellbriety’s certification gives us the opportunity to honor the centuries-old traditions of holistic healing in substance use disorder (SUD) treatment. Above all, Royal upholds the principles of integrity, gratefulness, generosity, respect, and honoring of all of our tribal and non-tribal guests.

In collaboration with the Wellbriety movement, Royal’s NAP group facilitators introduce you to Native American healing practices to improve your mental and spiritual well-being. In addition, our Native American Program offers education on the triggers of drug and alcohol abuse and its effects.

Through Wellbriety’s courses, our NAP instills a stronger understanding of cultural identity while addressing the prevalence of substance use disorders within Native American communities. These groups also aim to dismantle the underlying toxic beliefs resulting from generational trauma to help you heal from addiction.

Wellbriety & White Bison

Native American Treatment

The Wellbriety movement brings hope, healing, unity, and forgiveness to individuals, families, and communities across the United States and Canada. Treatment centers that join the Wellbriety movement participate in training seminars so that they may integrate Wellbriety courses into their rehabilitation programs for Native people in their communities. Once a substance use treatment center completes the Wellbriety training process, it becomes a Wellbriety Certified Treatment Center. The Wellbriety-certified facility then integrates culturally competent care into the recovery process of Indigenous individuals seeking help for alcohol and substance use disorders.

Working together with White Bison through Wellbriety’s certification process, our Washington treatment centers are trained in culturally relevant treatment services for Indigenous people. Royal Life Centers continues to uphold all of the Wellbriety certification requirements within all of our Washington facilities. In doing so, our staff ensures that our treatment centers maintain culturally competent standards and offer tailored treatment services for Native communities.


The Wellbriety Movement was formed as a way to fill the gap in Native American healthcare, providing culturally-based healing for current and future generations of Indigenous people.

Wellbriety aims to revitalize the traditional tribal principles, values, and teachings to restore the strong foundation of health and interconnectedness amongst Native American communities. In doing so, the movement aspires to promote holistic tribal healing of alcohol abuse, substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, and the aftereffects of intergenerational trauma.

White Bison

As a center of excellence, White Bison offers tribal healing training in addition to necessary tools and resources that promote sustainable and beneficial growth within Native American Communities.

White Bison is the Wellbriety Movement’s globally recognized training institute that offers substance abuse treatment programs training and certifications in Wellbriety’s culturally-based healing curriculum. A meticulously crafted embodiment of Wellbriety, White Bison works to pass on native-based education to improve indigenous people’s connection to the traditions and customs that allowed their ancestors to flourish and coexist in nature, their communities, and as individuals.

What Does our Wellbriety-Certified Treatment Program Offer?

Royal Life Centers’ culturally specific healing program offers Wellbriety’s White Bison programs and other inclusive treatment protocols. Our staff also provides culturally appropriate alcohol and drug abuse assessments, co-occurring disorder evaluations, and individual and group treatment for each guest.

Within our Wellbriety-certified treatment program, we provide groups like:

  • Processing grief and trauma
  • Engagement in cultural traditions
  • Therapeutic sweat lodge ceremonies
  • Tribal healing events
Medicine Wheel Hands

Our NAP coordinators are trained in Wellbriety-certified courses including The Medicine Wheel & 12 Steps, Mending Broken Hearts, and the educational materials found in the Red Road to Wellbriety study book. Within Royal’s programs, tribal healing groups are offered along with evidence-based therapy groups like:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Local sober support meetings (AA and NA)

Our Wellbriety curriculum includes:

  • Culturally based curriculum
  • Wellbriety-certified counselors
  • Native American group facilitators
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Study groups
  • Healing circles
  • Continuum of care plans with community referrals

Our Native American Program services include:

  • Wellbriety-certified counselors trained in culturally based curriculum
  • Traditional Native American healing practices and teachings
  • Native American elders who conduct ceremonies and teach tribal courses
  • Individual and group counseling for all guests
  • Staff members with Native American ancestry
  • Aftercare services through tribal community referrals

NAP groups include educational lectures, open discussions, guest speakers, and coursework presentations shared in a supportive and caring environment. (Note: groups are subject to change.)

Meeting the Cultural Needs of Indigenous Guests

Royal’s Native American Program offers tribal courses, ceremonies, and peer-support gatherings that expose you to the ceremony of healing. For your recovery to be authentic and true to you, we make the integration of your culture a priority. We want you to be able to honor your traditions.

Our staff of trained facilitators educates our guests on prevention, preparation, and harm-reduction tactics regarding alcohol and drug addiction within the scope of Native practices. Additionally, our staff reviews the historical trauma inflicted on native peoples following the introduction of European settlers, offering practical and positive coping skills to aid in healing from intergenerational trauma.

12-Step Recovery Groups for Native Americans

Within The Medicine Wheel & 12 Steps, our NAP facilitators educate you on prevention, preparation, and harm-reduction tactics regarding alcohol and drug addiction within the scope of Native practices. When translating the process of recovery into native culture, our group facilitators provide lessons on The Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel is a physical representation of the Native American beliefs of universal interconnectedness. For this purpose, our culturally based teachings use The Medicine Wheel to encourage healing within the native perspective.

Treatment for Generational Trauma

During Wellbriety’s Mending Broken Hearts, our NAP group facilitators lead discussions about the generational trauma from the historical abuse of Native Americans. Also, this Wellbriety course teaches you about the lasting impacts of the historical trauma inflicted on native peoples following the introduction of European settlers. In addition, our staff is trained on culturally competent practices that provide practical and positive coping skills to help you heal from intergenerational trauma.

Tribal Teachings in Our Holistic Treatment Program

Royal Life Centers’ program for tribal healing focuses on holistic recovery from generational trauma. In fact, we offer our holistic treatment through the fusion of traditional, evidence-based treatment practices with Native American philosophies and customs.

Royal’s NAP offers tribal teachings, including:

  • The Cycle of Life
  • Four Agreements
  • A Vision for You
  • Canoe Journey
  • Gifts from the Four Directions
  • Way of the Otter
  • Healing Circle
  • Native Resiliency
  • Native Empowerment
  • Medicine Wheel and 12 Steps
  • Mending Broken Hearts
  • Strengthening Families

Our goal is to create a healing forest so future generations can go from surviving to thriving by helping them deal with their intergenerational trauma. Similarly, our vision is to build healthy Native American families and communities through the healing of individuals impacted by substance abuse, trauma, and co-occurring disorders.

Cultural Practices for Native American Recovery

Cultural practices are integrated into the healing process of each guest. We will stand beside you, providing support and guidance long after the formal treatment process has ended. Once enrolled in our NAP, you’ll remain a part of the Royal family for life. As with our teachings, our community is “forever,” even after graduating from our treatment programs.

Our Wellbriety-certified courses assist in the learning, or re-learning, of how to honor and use the sacred hoop in order to help you heal in recovery.

To illustrate the four gifts of healing, the sacred hoop includes:

  • North – Forgiving the unforgivable
  • South – Hope
  • East – Healing
  • West – Unity

During your time in treatment, you will participate in groups to help you acknowledge and understand historical trauma leading to intergenerational trauma. Our Wellbriety-certified group facilitators teach all of our NAP groups with attention to culture, accuracy, and respect.

Cultural Practices at Royal Life Centers

Royal’s Native American Program provides the opportunity to reconnect to tribal teachings and ancestral knowledge for the purpose of helping you cultivate a fulfilling, sober lifestyle.

Our Native American Program integrates culture with therapeutic activities that help bring you back to a connected state of mind and spirit. Activities such as drum making, beading, and ceremonies incorporate ancestral practices such as sweat lodges give you the tradition you’ve been missing and the comfort of your native culture.


Beadwork is a decorative art form used by Native American’s garnish functional goods such as clothing, dwellings, and horse gear. The bead-making process incorporates art therapy practices with Native healing practices to encourage the act of self-expression.

Drum Making

Drum-making engages the centuries-old custom of forging a physical representation of Native culture and celebration. Making drums is an incredibly meaningful and sacred craft that serves as a bridge between traditional practices and modern life.

Drum Circles

Drum circles are carried out on booming community drums to the beat of Native songs. Participating in a drum circle is a way to honor the tradition of drumming that has been passed down through generations.


Smudging rituals purify the body, aura, and energy of ceremonial or personal space within the “smoke bath.”  This ritual involves burning sage, sweetgrass, and other sacred herbs over a fire or charcoal disc. Smudging is thought to heal and cleanse the spirit.

Sweat Lodge

A sweat lodge is a Native American tradition in which an individual enters a dome-shaped space to experience a sauna-like environment. These gatherings, often known as sweats, provide an opportunity to share stories, ask for guidance, and cleanse the body of toxins.

Plant Teachings

Present-day plant teachings honor the centuries-old traditions of Native tribes and teach practical applications for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Learning from plants rebuilds the connection between the individual, their community, and the earth.

Paddle Carving

Paddle carving emulates the Native tradition of transforming the sacred bark of a cedar tree into a wooden arm of a canoe. Paddle-making illustrates the time, energy, and patience that can be harnessed to push past obstacles and create meaningful work. It has been a Native American practice in the Pacific Northwest for centuries.

Culturally Competent Treatment for Native Americans

Royal’s NAP group facilitators immerse you within a culturally competent substance abuse disorder treatment process leading to a substance abuse-free and highly resilient lifestyle. All in all, culture is an essential ingredient for a healthy life and living in balance in the spirit and natural world for all people. For Indigenous communities, culture is central to a Native person’s tribal identity, social status, and physical and spiritual existence. In the same way, our Native American Program ensures that each culturally competent course represents the tribal connection to the guiding principles that lead to a spiritual way of life.

Within our culturally competent treatment process, you’ll learn about the essential life principles of native ancestors as a way to learn healthy grieving practices through culturally centered modalities. Our Native American Program also teaches you the importance of prioritizing personal and family commitments, self-care, self-discipline, and loyalty to the self and others. Through the ceremony of healing, we strive to instill genuine feelings of connection as you learn healthy coping mechanisms. As a result, you develop the necessary skills for the purpose of instilling healthy grieving behaviors and self-acceptance.

Overall, our Native American Program presents an opportunity for a “new” beginning for many tribal and non-tribal guests. Regardless of culture or upbringing, guests suffering from substance use disorders resulting from trauma can regain a sense of oneness with their surroundings in Royal’s NAP. More than that, our program teaches and acknowledges that we are all connected, regardless of our biological or ancestral beginnings.

Inikagapi Wa Ki Kaga

“Making of New Life and Breath” Ceremony

Sweat lodge ceremonies are deeply intense and intimate, offering a space for prayer and purification. Sweat ceremonies can help you reconnect with your own personal spiritual practices. Additionally, sweats aid you in processing emotions in a culturally centered environment.

The Importance of Culturally Inclusive Treatment Services

For recovery to be authentic for each of our guests, we make the integration of cultural traditions a priority. For this reason, we incorporate Native American ceremonies, practices, and crafts to ensure that our guests can honor their traditions. In addition, our Sumner facility has built a sweat lodge for ceremonial healing.

Addiction treatment for Native American people needs a foundation of culture, tradition, and values in addition to evidence-based practices. The essence of Native American culture—the spiritual ideology of interconnectedness—enabled a healthy, harmonious existence. Unfortunately, the introduction of European settlers disrupted the cultural practices, harming the Native people’s way of life. Following the years of colonial abuse, many natives struggle to find their way back to their cultural roots. In order to revitalize this culture of interconnectedness, we work with you to reinvigorate your spirit’s link to your surroundings. Therefore, your participation in culturally competent care will help to bring you clarity and wholeness in recovery.

The Significance Behind Our Native American Program

We are excited to offer tribal treatment services that specialize in healing Native people. This is because we understand that the inclusion of culture is much more than acknowledging a lifestyle. In fact, culture is the connection to a guiding philosophy of existence for Native people. With this in mind, it is central to all Native and Indigenous cultures, making its integration within the treatment process essential.

Royal Life Centers seeks to heal tribal and non-tribal members with the holistic Native American practices of our Wellbriety-certified treatment programs in the state of Washington. Our tribal healing services draw the training seminars established by White Bison and carried out through Wellbriety to emphasize the knowledge, connections, and impact of Native American culture in recovery. For this reason we are able to ensure our substance use disorder treatment model is based on cultural competence.

Our Partnerships With Local Tribal Communities

Royal Life Centers is proud to work with local Native American tribes to strengthen our guest’s ties to their culture and community. In offering a Native American program that includes traditional healing practices and cultural activities, our collaborative efforts with local tribes help our guests reconnect with their heritage. Our team works closely with local tribal leaders to provide the most authentic experience possible.


Our partnership with the Puyallup people of western Washington state provides our guests in Sumner the opportunity to recover from substance abuse while immersed in their culture. To do so, we offer transportation to the Puyallup reservation to participate in off-site Wellbriety meetings three times a week.


We also continuously strive to forge stronger partnerships with the Nisqually Indian Tribe of Olympia, Washington. In doing so, our Lacey facilities are able to offer multiple sweats with local tribal communities. Also, guests in Lacey can participate in other off-site activities, namely paddle carving groups, through our collaboration with the culture department.


Within these mutually beneficial partnerships, Royal also assists tribal communities in gaining access to grants with the help of our licensed healthcare providers. In doing so, we further our goal to increase collaborative efforts between native communities and Royal Life Centers to benefit the recovery of native and non-native guests alike.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Native Americans and Tribal Members

We offer a full continuum of care for drug and alcohol use disorder rehabilitation across our treatment network including:

Our award-winning substance use disorder treatment programs can be found within our multi-accredited facilities located in:

  • Spokane, Washington
  • Mead, Washington
  • Lacey, Washington
  • Sumner, Washington
  • Prescott, Arizona (Currently does not provide NAP services)

“Because We Care,” Royal Life Centers provides you with an unparalleled and transformative treatment experience. To do so, we have merged premier facilities across the United States. Our substance use disorder treatment network provides you with unrivaled treatment at every level of care.

Reach Out to Join Our Native American Program

Royal Life Centers is in-network with Shasta Insurance and the Healthcare Management Administration (HMA). We also have a collaborative relationship with Indian Health Services (IHS). We also work with other insurance providers in order to get you into our Native American Program. If your insurance plan is out-of-network, we advocate on your behalf. Our admissions team will work hard to come to an agreement with your insurance provider.

If you are looking to seek treatment for yourself or a loved one, we encourage you to reach out to our 24/7 admissions department at 877-RECOVERY. Our team in admissions will work diligently with tribal communities to secure quality SUD treatment for you and other Native Americans seeking a new life in recovery. They will collaborate with you, tribes, and insurance providers to place you in a quality addiction treatment program.

Entering Royal’s Native American Program

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