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About Royal Life Centers

The Royal Life Centers detox and treatment network was established in 2009 to offer consistent care as a reliable source for superior drug rehab. Now, Royal Life Centers’ commitment to unparalleled, highest-quality addiction treatment and aftercare can be found at eight locations in the Pacific Northwest and the Prescott Valley in Arizona. Each of our facilities is built upon honesty, respect, and humanism, and our guests always come first.

All of our facilities are dually-accredited by the Joint Commission and the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), and we are committed to upholding the highest standard in substance use disorder treatment and guest care. Guests’ well-being and successful recovery is our priority Because We Care.

For a full list of the national and state-wide organizations who have accredited Royal Life Centers, please see our accreditations page. We are honored to be recognized by the most prestigious accrediting-bodies in the United States. Our drug rehab network has had multiple facilities rated in the top three addiction treatment centers, as well as hold titles as “the best rehab in Spokane, Washington”, “the top ten facilities for addiction treatment”, and more. Our commitment to our guests and our quality of care continues to exceed expectations set for comprehensive drug rehab.

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Our 24/7 medical staff follows medication-assisted detox protocol to treat withdrawal symptoms and make withdrawal from substance use as comfortable a process as possible. Following detox, guests enter our residential inpatient program and may continue their care with us at the PHP, IOP, OP, and sober living levels to build and re-build the skills necessary for a new, sober life.

Treatment plans are designed to accommodate each guest’s individual needs, and our therapists work closely with guests to make sure that plans are as personalized and effective as possible. Our holistic therapies include group and individual therapy sessions modeled on the 12 steps, as well as movement/activity, adventure, and equine therapy.

Between therapy sessions and engagement in our optional, but recommended, activities— journaling, yoga, Xbox gaming, traditional board games, and more— guests at Royal Life Centers’ detox and residential facilities may seek additional support. Guests may meet with one of our qualified case managers, trained to assist with navigating and solving legal, employment, familial, and personal matters. Guests may also choose to enjoy the outdoors or relax in their room, equipped with a walk-in closet and flatscreen TV.

We also offer a complete nutritional program highlighting satisfying, healthy ingredients to our detox and residential guests. Our on-site chef prepares three meals a day, and guests have unrestricted access to a variety of snacks and beverages. Our staff is trained to anticipate questions or concerns that may arise, and we consistently do our best to accommodate guests’ needs and requests, as well as support families however we can.


Our aftercare housing— Royal Life Housing for our nine-week PHP/IOP program and grad housing for eligible guests who have completed our outpatient program— offers 24/7 support, low weekly rent, various amenities, and accountability in the form of required meetings and regular drug testing.

We understand that guests’ loved ones also need support during this time of detox and drug rehab, and we strive to make sure that families are comfortable during and following this process. One way we do this is by offering free drug testing cups to families of those who have completed a treatment program with us.

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We can help you in this life-changing process

If you or a loved one has a substance use disorder, we hope you’ll consider beginning your recovery journey with us. We safely and effectively treat a range of substance abuse issues. Our admissions team is available 24/7 at (877)-RECOVERY to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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The information provided on this website is meant to complement and not replace any advice or information from a healthcare professional. The statements made on this website are based on our own collected metrics and experience in the addiction treatment industry for over a decade. Our website is funded by our own personal investment as a private company; we do not host or receive funding from advertising on this website. 

Page last modified: 2/12/2020

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