Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!
Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!


Royal Life Centers:
Our Facilities

Royal Life Centers’ addiction treatment network offers a full continuum of care within eight facilities. Our rehabilitation centers provide treatment services for individuals suffering from substance use disorders in Washington and Arizona. In doing so, each of our facilities includes access to state-of-the-art treatment services in natural environments to encourage holistic recovery. Shown below is our gallery of facility images to demonstrate these features. 

Each of our locations offers an escape from the hustle and bustle found in bigger cities. Often, this is great for inpatient and outpatient treatment individuals, as it limits the introduction to temptation as they rejoin their local communities in early recovery. Equally important, the inside of our facilities incorporates a colorful atmosphere to mirror the cheery demeanor of our locals and Royal staff.

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Our galleries offer a glimpse into the peaceful surroundings of our facilities that encourage contemplation and growth.

Gallery of Our Washington Facilities

In general, Washington state is a beneficial place for recovery from substance use disorder. For this reason, Royal Life Centers provides convenient facilities throughout the Pacific Northwest. More specifically, our rehab centers are located in multiple cities across the state of Washington including Lacey, Sumner, Spokane, and Mead. Each of our facilities integrates the restorative power of Washington’s natural beauty into our guest’s treatment. You are able to take full advantage of nature’s healing powers as a result.

As shown in our gallery, Royal Life Centers’ facility locations are surrounded by lush greenery and wooded areas of Washington. In fact, we incorporate nature’s healing benefits through nature trails, picturesque sunsets, and native practices. As a result, these holistic services can help you heal during treatment at Royal Life Centers in Washington State.

To check out Royal’s rehab facilities in Washington, check out our gallery!

Spokane Heights

Cascade Heights

Puget Sound

The Haven

Sound Recovery

Gallery of Our Arizona Facilities

Prescott, Arizona is home to three of Royal Life Centers’ facility locations. Royal’s Arizona facilities provide inpatient and outpatient services to individuals struggling with substance abuse. Our drug and alcohol rehab centers offer individualized care plans within each level of care. In fact, guests can transition into our gender-specific residential inpatient programs following detox. Following inpatient, we offer continuing care for those in PHP, IOP, and OP. 

In addition to our treatment services, Prescott’s landscapes offer an extra layer of healing during recovery. For example, guests can participate in hikes over Chino Valley’s rolling hills and stroll along Lynx Lake’s tranquil waters. Throughout treatment, you will find the beauty of nature provides an immersive healing experience. It also helps guests ground themselves while working through any challenges while maintaining long-term sobriety. To illustrate, our gallery offers a preview of Prescott’s calming atmosphere.

Above all, Royal’s Arizona facilities offer comprehensive treatment programs and healing outdoor activities to promote change and growth in addiction recovery. To see our Arizona facilities, check out our gallery!

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Because We Care.

As shown above, we understand the important role that your environment plays in addiction recovery. For this reason, our locations assist people with substance use disorders in finding peace and serenity as they heal from addiction.

The state of Washington provides unique beauty for those healing from addiction, with lush forests and shimmering lacks. In fact, the environment allows us to provide our guests with outdoor therapy activities such as hiking and kayaking. On the other hand, Arizona offers its own beauty with stunning deserts and recreational activities such as biking and rock climbing.

With a range of natural landscapes to explore, Royal Life Centers strives to create an atmosphere where you feel safe and supported during your journey to recovery.