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Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction treatment programs provide invaluable resources to those in recovery from substance use disorders. While each individual is different and on their unique path, our treatment programs provide structure, safety, and support throughout each step of the recovery process.

Royal Life Centers is one of the leading providers of addiction treatment in the nation. We strive to set ourselves apart from other treatment centers by providing not only the highest standard of care but also diverse programs and amenities. To ensure the quality of care at each of our treatment facilities, our staff works around the clock, offering the best possible treatment in a safe and accepting environment.

Full Continuum of Care

Long-term recovery requires a continued commitment to treatment and sobriety. For this reason, Royal Life Centers offers an integrated continuum of care that guides our guests through each stage of early sobriety. Essentially, a full continuum of care includes the development of a thorough treatment plan with all of the necessary services you will need to stay sober during and after your time in treatment.

Our levels of care include:

Throughout each program, you are guided and monitored by medical professionals to track your progress and provide assistance when needed. In doing so, our staff understands your unique situation and provides individualized care to help you achieve your goals in recovery.

Rather than having to re-establish relationships with peers and therapists at every level of care, you’ll continue to build on your newly formed sober network as you progress through our programs. Ultimately, this translates to higher quality care, improved satisfaction for our guests, and overall improved outcomes.

Treatment Programs

We offer a full continuum of care at Royal Life Centers. 

Medical Detox

4 or 8 days
Our medication-assisted detox program is based on clinical assessments and medical evaluations, followed by an approved medical regimen. We tailor each plan to your individual needs to ensure maximum safety and comfort during the withdrawal period and tapering off drugs or alcohol.
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Residential Inpatient

2 weeks or 30 days
Our residential inpatient program focuses on re-developing life skills and learning healthy coping skills. This program, designed to follow our detox program, consists of five hours a day of group therapy and weekly individual therapy sessions. We also offer holistic services to enhance treatment.
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Partial Hospitalization Program

4 weeks
PHP is the first stage of our 12-week aftercare program. Our required group therapy is six hours per weekday, and three hours on Saturdays. You’ll participate in intensive therapies while also keeping appointments with your primary therapist and case manager. Our partial hospitalization program also offers guidance and support in a secure environment.
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Intensive Outpatient Program

8 weeks
IOP Phase One:
The second stage of our 12-week aftercare program includes group therapy Monday through Friday, three hours per day.

IOP Phase 2:
The third and final stage of our 12-week program, includes three hours of group therapy, three days a week.
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Outpatient Program

1 mo. - 1 yr. +
Our least structured and most flexible treatment program. Outpatient offers continued care, support, accountability, and life skills training.

Outpatient is focused on clinical guidance and additional support while guests find a balance between work, life, and recovery.
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Sober Living

1 mo - 1 yr. +
Royal's sober living residences offer accountability, support, and a built-in recovery community.

Sober living accommodates guests who are navigating early recovery while rebuilding their lives. We provide amenities, experienced staff, an on-site gym, and a thriving community.
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Once admitted, guests collaborate with their clinical team to form a personalized treatment plan, which outlines the clinical work that will be their focus during that level of care. In doing so, each treatment plan is individualized based on personal details like diagnoses, clinical needs, relapse history, and trauma history.


Begin building your treatment plan today with one of our specialists. Our admissions process begins with a complimentary assessment and recommendations follow for treatment based on the information you provide us with, including your drug use history, medical history, and co-occurring disorders.

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Which Rehab Program Do I Need?

Generally, substance abuse treatment programs progress from the most intensive to the least intensive level of care. Most often, individuals will enter an intensive medical detox program first to begin their recovery. This step is especially crucial for those who have developed a physical dependence on a substance and experience symptoms of withdrawal when they do not take the substance for 4-8 hours.


Each treatment program has its objectives and areas of focus, and all are equally important for your ultimate success in recovery. Typically, those struggling with drugs or alcohol have been using substances to cope for years by the time they attend treatment. It takes time and a lot of clinical work to rewire the brain to seek delayed gratification after years of instant gratification. A person in recovery must also build healthy habits and behaviors, learn and use alternative coping mechanisms, and remain teachable with life skills building, healthy relationship training, restructuring maladaptive thought patterns, overcoming trauma, etc.


Providing a full continuum of care for addiction treatment helps to make sure that you receive the appropriate treatment services best suited for your situation. The right program for another person may not be the best program for you, and vice versa— everyone’s needs and place in recovery are different. Take a look at our overview (below) to learn more about each drug and alcohol treatment program.

Addiction Treatment Programs Overview

Addiction treatment programs cover a range of treatment options and levels of care for substance use disorders. As a result, each level of care is designed to provide you with the necessary tools and resources to achieve a successful recovery. In doing so, addiction treatment will help you learn to effectively manage substance use disorders and sustain a substance-free lifestyle. Depending on your needs, you may require treatment within multiple levels of care. 

Inpatient Treatment

During inpatient addiction treatment programs, you receive 24-hour medical care in a staffed facility. For this reason, inpatient programs, including detox and residential care, are effective for particularly severe substance use disorders. By tailoring treatment services within the appropriate levels of care, inpatient treatment can help you recover from substance abuse while guiding you into a healthier, happier life.

Partial Hospitalization

Often, addiction treatment centers offer step-down programs such as partial hospitalization (PHP). These programs provide slightly less-restrictive addiction interventions than inpatient facilities. Through routine monitoring and participation in evidence-based therapies, PHP offers support, guidance, and resources during early recovery.

Intensive Outpatient

Similar to PHP, intensive outpatient programs (IOP) offer guidance for guests who require a higher level of clinical treatment than outpatient. As a step-down program, intensive outpatient services typically help people who still require the support and care given in residential and PHP. As a result, IOP benefits those still experiencing post-acute withdrawal symptoms. If you have experienced multiple relapses in the past, IOP can also act as an extra layer of support during the early stages of recovery. As with all of our programs, we offer services like case management and additional counseling.

Outpatient Services

Unlike inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment is the least intensive level of care, offering outpatient program (OP) services within an extremely flexible schedule. Due to the flexibility of this program, outpatient care is a common step of the recovery process that supports you once you are ready to fully integrate into everyday life. Our OP guides guests through individual and group therapy sessions, substance use education, and relapse prevention strategies.

No matter what addiction treatment program is chosen, you can benefit from a comprehensive treatment approach. While undergoing treatment within our full continuum of care, you will participate in meaningful therapeutic experiences that will help you reach long-term recovery.

Our Clinical Approach

We use many modes of care that are rooted in a holistic approach to treatment. This means that each aspect of being—mind, body, spirit—is engaged in treatment.

MAT in recovery

We are lucky to have staff members who embody our mission, “Because We Care,” through their passion for helping others. Our doctoral and master’s level professional staff have both educational and field experience. Many of our clinicians also hold certifications in concentrations of therapy, like EMDR, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Wellbriety, Trauma-Sensitivity, etc.


At Royal, you will be surrounded by compassionate staff members, most of which have also been through the process of recovery themselves. Staff is available to you 24/7 for support, guidance, and resources.

Modes of Care

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We are recognized by the most prestigious accrediting body in the country, The Joint Commission (TJC). We also hold certifications from Legitscript and were one of the first three centers to become a certified Wellbriety treatment center through White Bison. 


Professionally, we are members of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). 


Royal Life Centers facilities are licensed for each level of care within our continuum, by both Washington DOH and Arizona DHS. This means we have gone through a rigorous process to illustrate our quality of care and to become an authority to practice medicine in these respective states.


Each of our licenses shows that we are a provider of treatment for both substance use disorders and mental health disorders.


Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Our drug and alcohol treatment programs are founded on evidence-based practices that are provided with a holistic approach. During each program, you will meet solution-focused leaders and clinicians who put your best interest above all. Our focus shifts to meet your needs, adapting with you to the changes happening physically, mentally, and spiritually in early recovery.

Person-First Language

During every level of care, all staff utilizes person-first language to empower you through every interaction.

Duration of Stay

The duration of your stay is not determined by your insurance, it is determined by what you need to be successful in recovery.

Dual Diagnosis

We understand the link between mental health disorders and addiction. Often, addiction forms as a result of a coping mechanism for mental health disorder symptoms. For this reason, we treat both your substance use disorder alongside any co-occurring mental health disorders. Everything is intertwined and many symptoms overlap, so to treat you effectively, we need to make sure your mental health symptoms are addressed and managed during treatment. As you progress in the program, our doctor will meet with you to prescribe and monitor any medication you take for co-occurring disorders.

Unparalleled, Personalized Experience

In addition to the customized treatment plan you will work to create with our clinical team, you will be given many opportunities for clinical support during your stay. We offer individual sessions with a mental health counselor, which can be a daily occurrence upon request. You will meet with your primary therapist for an individual therapy session once a week. Your days will be structured with group therapy sessions, which follow a group therapy model. Staying true to the group therapy model, peer support leads along with accountability, honest peer perspectives and observations, and a genuine understanding of what you are growing through. 

Our Priority

As our guest, you will come to find out that we treat you like family. The premise of our treatment is that we treat you like we hope someone would treat a member of our family who is going through the same struggle. For this reason, our staff members will show their compassion and how much we genuinely care about you. As a result, you will begin to see how we become personally invested in your success—your safety, needs, and comfort are always our #1 priority.

Quality Assurance

We uphold internal processes for medical, clinical, and support staff to align each team for seamless care. Our staff is informed about each guest, including his or her progress, concerns, demeanor, behavior, self-reported needs, and things they are struggling with.

Routine meetings with clinical team members occur to review protocols and ensure that all treatment services are in agreement with the guest’s personal history, needs, and treatment goals. All staff members produce verbal and written shift reports that communicate the details of their shift to the next round of staff members. Staff and guest suggestion forms allow for the documentation of requests in addition to questions, comments, and concerns.

Treatment Amenities

At Royal, we provide everything you need to be successful in your recovery.

Our programs follow your customizable treatment plan. During our programs, we offer job training and employment assistance, life skills, opportunities for community involvement, integration with 12-step programs of recovery, a free gym membership, and sober activities. On our campus, we also have smoker-friendly outdoor seating and do not limit your smoke breaks. We provide transportation to and from 12-step meetings in addition to locations for adventure therapy. Similarly, our transportation services assist guests who wish to make grocery store runs and utilize their complementary gym memberships in outpatient.

Inpatient Treatment

12-Week & Outpatient

Guests in our long-term 12-week program and/or outpatient treatment at Royal have uninterrupted access to a sober community filled with peers who are all rebuilding their lives in recovery. During these programs, weekly individual counseling sessions occur alongside Royal community meetings and AA/NA recovery meetings. 


Activities and events will take place on our sober living campus, so there will never be a dull moment. Accountability measures are in place to ensure the safety of each guest in the community. There is also a dedicated sober living staff who is available around the clock.


The sober living residences at Royal are fully furnished living spaces with flat-screen TVs in every bedroom and one in the living room of each home or apartment. Our sober living homes feature spacious living rooms, an in-unit washer and dryer, and typical appliances for your convenience and comfort.

Once you complete any of our programs, you are welcomed into our alumni community!

We hold monthly events and community activities to keep our alumni in touch. We will also call you to check in, offer advice, or just listen if you need to talk. For those who are interested, we also ask our alumni to come to the facility and speak about their experiences. In doing so, they assist us in spreading messages of hope and strength to others who are in the very beginning stages of recovery.

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