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Holistic Therapy

Holistic psychotherapy, or holistic therapy deals with a school of thought that tries to address a patient as a whole person instead of someone who is sick, only has psychological problems, or as being separated into many different problematic pieces. This means treating the mind, body, and spirit simultaneously— for a full recovery experience.

Holistic therapy means looking at the big picture.

In a medical practice, holistic means addressing the whole person, and includes their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, while factoring in social variables for consideration.

Addictions Medicine specialists have been treating their patients in a holistic fashion for decades, unlike other doctors. For example, cardiologists write a few prescriptions for their patients recovering from a heart attack and do not properly address their patients in a holistic fashion such as suggesting, tracking and enforcing:

  • Stress management
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Increase alkaline green fiber foods
  • Decrease total protein consumption to one-third of each collective meal, a seek protein in sauces rather than browned, baked, grilled, sautéed, grilled or fried
  • Stop sugar, starch, and flour, including gluten-free
  • One mile minimum brisk walk daily after achieving healthy weight
Intensive Outpatient Program - (IOP)

Recovery Sensitive Holistic Therapy: Substance Abuse

Some people cling to the notion that drinking or drugging is a failure of willpower or a lack of moral fiber. Alcoholism and drug addiction, even today, remains to some an unspeakable, hidden, guilty subject.

Drug dependence is likewise viewed as “something you’d stop if you had the character for it.” Nonsense. As with any other disease, you are not responsible for catching it but you are responsible for doing something about it. Only one person in the world is responsible for that part: you.

Royal Life Centers has been including holistic therapy as a part of our recovery-recipe right from the beginning. Instead of trying to explain how our proprietary version of holistic therapy works, let’s show you how it works.


“And the secret of happiness,” mocked Tastevin, “is to refrain from smoking?”
“The secret of happiness, ” Datt corrected, “is to refrain from wishing to.”
–from An Expensive Place to Die by Len Deighton

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