Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!
Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!

Why RLC?

Founded on care and compassion, at Royal Life Centers we provide superior treatment to all of our guests. Guests are what we call anyone in our care who has entered our program to better their life. During treatment for addiction, guests need understanding without judgment, which we give by taking the time to listen. We get to know each guest for who they are, apart from what they’re struggling with.

Why Choose Royal Life Centers For Treatment?

Guests choose Royal because of what we provide, which is far beyond treatment— we provide a safe and comforting place that allows you to acknowledge the deeper parts of your belief systems and other factors that drove substance abuse. We promise guests the care they need, the comforts to make them feel at home, and the structure to keep them feeling aligned in a more fulfilling lifestyle based around recovery. 

We don’t let guests face this on their own — we are with them every step of the way. Alongside our strong sober community, Royal Life Centers aims to provide the guidance and support you need to recover. What we provide makes Royal Life Centers different from all other treatment centers and the difference is felt. Our care isn’t impersonal or transactional like other centers. Throughout each portion of treatment, we care for our guests as we care for our loved ones. We will care for you during addiction recovery because your recovery is our top priority.

Chart of our treatment program's structure & accountability, amenities, transportation, and activities available at Royal versus other treatment centers.

When you arrive at RLC, you are welcomed into our community by staff members who used to be exactly where you stand. Our compassion as providers is evident before you walk through our doors, as evidenced by the attention put into the clinical programming of our treatment. Once settled, you will receive a care package to properly welcome you to Royal Life Centers and provide you with some necessities that make your stay as comfortable as possible.

There is no difference more impactful than the environment here at Royal Life Centers. Built around the passion and compassion of our licensed staff members, our programming ensures that guests feel loved, cared for, and welcomed into our community with open arms.

Our goal is to set you up for success in recovery during treatment and long after you have left our care. Because We Care.

The Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

At Royal, we encourage our guests to become the best versions of themselves. Our drug and alcohol treatment is inclusive, intense, and effective, and is carried out by compassionate individuals who genuinely care about you. Our doctors, clinicians, mental health counselors and behavioral health technicians all want to help you through early recovery and see you succeed in recovery and life. We put our guests’ best interest first, Because We Care.

As a guest, you are our #1 priority, which is why at Royal Life Centers, you will always have:

Individualized Treatment at Royal Life Centers

At RLC, your individuality and differences are what we pay attention to because they inform our clinical treatment plans designed for your needs. The nature of your substance use disorder, what pathologies or issues need to be addressed, core beliefs, co-occurring disorders, and other variables are essential for us to decipher so that we can find ways that we know can help you heal.

If you would like to share about yourself with us, we will use the personal details you share to help design a customized treatment plan with courses (group therapy sessions) that address the most pressing psychological obstacles there are standing between you and your best self. We take into account everything from your background and culture to how you learn when creating an individualized treatment plan.

What Does Treatment Look Like at Royal?

Case management

Case management helps you manage any legal, employment, and housing issues, as well as aftercare planning. Our case managers work with you to ensure you have a supportive care team to provide medical or psychological treatment on an outpatient basis once you complete our program(s).

Clinical tools and devices

We utilize clinical tools and devices that continuously improve the treatment we provide; clinical strengths, treatment outcomes, and overall recovery experience are consistently progressing. For instance, our clinicians track each guest’s progress using Eleos Health, a behavioral health augmented intelligence software. During individual therapy sessions, the Eleos program annotates key topics of discussion in the background, allowing our counselors to give each guest their undivided attention. Using evidence-based clinical tools assists our clinicians in creating in-depth breakdowns of each session, identifying potential interventions, and detailing guest progress throughout the course of treatment. With state-of-the-art technology, our clinical staff can effectively and efficiently provide actionable suggestions within individualized, evidence-based treatment plans.

Flexible programming

Flexible programming provides you with a sense of control over the external factors and responsibilities that may have otherwise discouraged you from entering treatment. Our programming is so individualized that the length of your stay is completely up to you— of course following clinical guidelines as a standard of practice.

Wellness-based therapeutic treatment

Wellness-based therapeutic treatment options including infrared saunas, massage therapy chairs, hyperbaric oxygen sessions, biofeedback, and more are available at our outpatient facilities. Any of our therapeutic treatments can be incorporated into your treatment plan for the ultimate holistic healing experience.

Parenting education courses

Our parenting education courses are available to our guests who have children. This course prepares parents to provide a consistent, stable, and managed household. Parents will learn how their behavior impacts their children and how to correct past patterns of inconsistency as a parent. Other skills learned will be coping mechanisms and how to deal with stress related to parenthood.

Sober outings and activities

Sober outings and activities show our guests that sobriety can be fun and doesn’t end a person’s social life, it changes it for the better. We do things like kayaking, hiking, equine therapy, bowling, laser tag, and movie theater trips.

Facilities in Arizona and Washington State

Royal Life Centers’ addiction treatment network is located across Arizona and Washington State. Each of our locations is within a few miles of some of the most beautiful natural landscapes of the Cascade Mountain Range and Prescott Valley. During aftercare and outpatient, guests can easily access 12-step meetings, public transportation services, shopping, dining, and many employment opportunities within the local community.

Royal Alumni Services After Treatment

After you’ve left Royal Life Centers, you have become a part of our Royal Family. As all families should, we will support and guidance during any difficulties or obstacles that arise in life after treatment. Royal’s alumni community provides a sober support system of people who care about your success. Our sober community made up of Royal alumni grows every day. The connection and impact of our alumni community took more than a decade to accomplish. Throughout our alumni program, we continuously make efforts to keep our those who complete our program informed and connected with each other.

Joining Royal's Alumni Community

As a Royal Life Centers alumni, you continue your connection to our recovery community. In doing so, you participate in a group effort to uplift each other in all aspects of recovery. You also can choose to join Royal’s community outreach initiatives with other graduates. These outreach events change the lives of others in need of treatment by presenting them with our “Elliot Bags.” As a literal and symbolic gift, each Elliot bag offers a treatment scholarship to homeless individuals in our local community.

Even more, involvement in our alumni community can greatly improve your success in recovery following treatment through peer support and accountability. Each member of our alumni program offers guidance and support based on personal experience in recovery. This connection is vital in early recovery and motivates you to keep persevering in moments of doubt. Instead of feeling alone and overwhelmed during early sobriety, you gain the love and support you deserve. As a result, you receive comfort from your sober support systems and are able to avoid a relapse. Our alumni are our greatest, living achievements. Because of this, we want our alumni to be involved and stay involved in a recovery community. Each of our alumni’s stories inspires our new guests to push past cravings and self-doubt. Hearing others’ experiences can be instrumental in motivating our current guests to continue on the path to recovery. 

Becoming a Part of the Royal Life Centers Team

Often, our alumni use their gratitude as a motivating force to maintain their sobriety while giving back to others. As a result, many of our alumni join the team at Royal Life Centers after an extended period of sobriety. In turn, this brings them full circle from where they were before entering our facility doors. In doing so, they can positively impact the lives of others who are working through a similar path in life. This can evoke an immense sense of pride and gratitude in their recovery journey. Joining the Royal team also gives our alumni a sense of purpose in helping other guests who need help. At Royal Life Centers, we really are all in this together, Because We Care.

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