Individual Therapy

individual therapy at Royal Life Centers

Individual therapy is a significant tool for self-discovery, resolution, and insight in the addiction treatment we offer. At Royal Life Centers, each guest receives a primary therapist upon admission. Guests will work closely with their primary therapist during their stay with us. Our addiction therapists conduct a thorough biopsychosocial and spiritual assessment of each guest. Therapists then determine the most effective means of treatment for their individual needs, goals, and circumstances. With the help of their therapist, each guest will develop an Individual Service Plan (ISP). These plans designed to identify aspects of their lives that they’d like to change or improve upon.

Our therapists work one-on-one with our guests in a safe, open environment. Guests overcome personal obstacles, negative feelings, dysfunctional emotions, low self-esteem, and poor coping mechanisms. We also address other underlying issues that may contribute to their substance use disorder and/or associated mental health disorders.

Why Royal Life is Different

At Royal Life Centers, we do not believe that pre-determined treatment tracks are appropriate or effective when treating substance abuse. Instead, we make sure our therapists have the needed resources and skills to work with guests on individualized treatment plans. Specialized plans accommodate guests’ unique circumstances, needs, and goals. Because We Care, our guests and their well-being always come first.

Often, individual therapy can help guests gain a better understanding of their substance use disorder. Also, it can help guests learn to live substance-free, learn healthy stress management tactics, forge stronger relationships, and build self-worth. It is also particularly helpful in treating co-occurring disorders such as depression and anxiety, as treatment and diagnosis efforts are focused on one guest at a time.

At Royal Life Centers, our trained addiction therapists use a variety of therapy practices to ensure optimal counseling and treatment. For example, Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a problem-solving form of psychotherapy that focuses on identifying and addressing dysfunctional thinking.

Individual Therapy in Our Programs

During detox and residential treatment, guests will attend hour-long individual therapy sessions each day. During outpatient, individual therapy sessions occur once per week. It is important that guests realize that individual therapy is a collaborative process and its communication has two-sides. Neither the guest nor the therapist should do all the talking. For therapy to be impactful and inspire change, both parties must express their own thoughts, as well as their responses to each other’s thoughts.

If you want to learn more about our programs, for yourself or a loved one, please reach out to us today. Our admissions staff is available 24/7 at (877)-RECOVERY to answer your questions and address your concerns. Because We Care.