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Community Involvement

At Royal Life Centers, giving back to our communities is of utmost importance to us. Because We Care, we strongly encourage both guest and staff participation in our community betterment efforts and believe that doing so reinforces our mission— the guest always comes first— and values. Working toward a common goal helps us to strengthen our foundation— building the safest, most effective approach to substance abuse treatment— and create lasting change in the lives of our guests, their families, our staff, and our communities.

Further, we are dedicated to countering the stigma of substance use disorder and believe that our community involvement helps to spread awareness and fight biases.

Elliot Bags - Community Involvement
Elliot Bags - Community Involvement
Royal Life Centers Community Service
A Group Of Royal Life Centers' Employees Handing Out Elliot Bags To The Homeless Population
A Group Of Royal Life Centers' Employees Pose During A Day Of Community Service - Handing Out Elliot Bags
Community Service
Two Men Picking Up Trash - Community Service
Elliot Bags - Community InvolvementRoyal Life Centers Community ServiceA Group Of Royal Life Centers' Employees Handing Out Elliot Bags To The Homeless PopulationA Group Of Royal Life Centers' Employees Pose During A Day Of Community Service - Handing Out Elliot BagsCommunity ServiceTwo Men Picking Up Trash - Community Service

Elliot Bags

Whenever possible, we hand out care bags, named Elliot Bags— the mother of a former guest, Elliot B., gave us the idea— to the homeless living in our communities. Each bag, named for a guest who has passed away, contains food, water, hygiene products, a blanket, and a poncho. Our Elliot Bag project is closely tied to our homeless sponsorship program, as we offer addiction treatment to our bag recipients.

Homeless Sponsorships

Each of our centers offers full treatment scholarships to two homeless individuals each month. Once a person has completed our program, we invite another homeless person who wants help with substance abuse to receive treatment at our facility.

Substance abuse is a major problem among the homeless population, as many homeless people have some kind of substance use disorder and little or no access to treatment. One study by the Department of Housing and Urban Development found that nearly half of those living in homeless shelters or on the street on a single night reported chronic substance abuse. We believe that everyone, regardless of their situation, deserves the best addiction treatment, and we are committed to offering the finest detox, inpatient, and outpatient programming to anyone who needs it

Street Adoptions

Our centers “adopt” local streets to support community pride and civic responsibility, and our staff and guests volunteer to keep them free of litter and/or vandalism through regular cleanups.

Trash Pick-up and Community Service

We also support our communities through litter cleanup and other acts of community service.

Elliot Bags Given Out as of March 30th, 2020

Lacey, WA | 3402Elliot Bags
Spokane, WA | 2876Elliot Bags
Prescott, AZ | 2199Elliot Bags

Because We Care, at Royal Life Centers, we are committed to being actively involved in our local communities. We believe it is essential to help others and one of the vital ways we can participate is to give back to members of the community who are in need of treatment services.

Our vessel for this contribution is through what we call “The Elliot Bag.” Upon Elliot’s untimely passing away from addiction, his mother too felt a sense of responsibility and purpose to help others. She vowed to lovingly fill bags with every day essentials and distribute them amongst the homeless. Upon hearing about her plight, Royal Life Centers began the “The Elliot Bag” program.
These bags are prepared and handed out weekly to the homeless in the community by our current guests and staff members. Each bag contains the following items:

  • Water & Snacks (tuna, peanut butter crackers, granola bars, and cookies)
  • Toiletries (shampoo, razor, shaving cream, comb, deodorant, tooth brush, tooth paste, and feminine products)
  • Socks
  • Poncho
  • Blanket

Scholarship Program

Because We Care, in addition to honoring Elliot’s legacy, each time we hand out a bag, a former guest that has passed away is honored by writing their name on the bag. While handing out the bags in the community weekly, we eagerly search for individuals that are willing and desperately seeking treatment to become clean and sober. We always have 6 beds available to serve the homeless, 2 individuals at each center. Each time one individual completes treatment, we provide a new individual a scholarship. Once 6 new individuals have entered treatment in honor of a particular client, we change the name on the bag in remembrance of another guest that has passed. To date, thousands of bags have been handed out and several hundred homeless have received at least 101 days of treatment (detox, residential, aftercare).

This is a FREE scholarship program in honor of those who have unfortunately lost their lives to addiction.

Because We Care! We believe everyone is deserving of another shot at life!

Homeless Scholarships Gifted by Royal Life Centers as of March 30th, 2020

55 Scholarships

Royal Life Centers is committed to serving the communities we operate in and the addiction treatment community as a whole. Please reach out to us at any time with questions you may have about our programs at (877)-RECOVERY.

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