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Our Mission

Royal Life Centers emphasizes quality, individualized care at all levels for the treatment of substance use disorders, exemplified in our company philosophy— Because We Care. At each of our eight locations, our guests are provided a safe, judgment-free space where they can express themselves in an authentic way. We operate on a holistic biopsychosocial/spiritual model to teach guests how to shift their behaviors from dysfunctional to empowering, so that they can obtain self-reliance, interpersonal and intrapersonal peace, and day-to-day living skills to thrive in recovery.

Our ethical, supportive, and guest-focused care providers make superior treatment quality possible. Just as no two individuals are exactly alike, no two recovery plans should be exactly alike. Our therapists and medical staff tailor your plan to your experiences, personality, and needs.

Through all phases of a Royal Life Centers treatment program— medical detox, residential inpatient, PHP, IOP, OP, and sober living— you will be in a safe, welcoming environment staffed with highly trained physicians and therapists. We offer the finest in amenities for comfort and familiarity.



Our company values that inform our mission and vision:

Guest-centered: At Royal Life Centers, guests always come first. Our individualized approach to substance abuse treatment puts our guests at the forefront of every decision that we make and everything we do.


Humanistic: We treat everyone as individuals and with respect and dignity; our guests are truly our guests, not just our clients or even our patients. We don’t assign labels or pass judgment on anyone who walks through our doors because we believe that everyone deserves the best in addiction treatment.

Quality care: All of our detox and treatment facilities are dually-accredited by the Joint Commission and the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), meaning that the treatment guests receive at Royal Life Centers is among the best in the country.

Empowerment: Our treatment plans are designed to give guests the tools and skills they need to build and lead healthy, sober lives long after they leave our care.

Equality: Our physicians and nurses, addiction specialists, and other staff members are just as important to us as our guests, and we ensure that our policies and practices are designed to fairly accommodate everyone.

Holistic practice: We operate on a biopsychosocial/spiritual model to ensure that our treatment and therapeutic practices effectively address substance use disorder from all angles to facilitate lasting, impactful changes in the lives of our guests.

Our guests are central to our mission and vision, and we hope you’ll consider making Royal Life Centers a part of your recovery journey. Royal Life Centers is a full-service drug and alcohol detox and treatment network that also offers aftercare through programs and sober living.

At Royal Life Centers, our admissions team works around the clock to make themselves available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our admissions team with any questions you have about our programs.

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Page last modified: 10/15/2019

Because We Care.

Less than half of detox facilities in the U.S. reported accreditation by CARF and/or The Joint Commission in SAMHSA’s 2016 National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services. We are proud to be not only dually accredited, but accredited by many of the Nation’s most respected accrediting bodies.

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