Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!
Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!

Our Accreditations

Royal Life Centers is proud to hold accreditations by the largest and most respected accrediting bodies in the United States. To achieve this accreditation, we participate in extensive and ongoing evaluations of our inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs. 

At Royal Life Centers, we dedicate the highest quality care to our safe, secure, and comfortable treatment programs. For this reason, all of our staff members are trained and licensed professionals. As a result, each member of our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to provide the best quality care. 


The process of gaining accreditation from external organizations ensures all standards of compliance receive routine evaluations to verify excellent guest care by an unbiased third party. These professional assessments review a rehab program’s quality of care to ensure best practices at all levels of care. 

For this reason, accreditation organizations conduct inspections of safety policies, treatment protocols, management, services, schedules, living arrangements, and therapy practices. Royal Life Centers chooses to participate in these reviews to illustrate the benefits of accountability and the rewards of upholding one’s responsibilities. 

Our National Accreditations

The Joint Commission

Recognized across the country, The Joint Commission (TJC) is the largest hospital and medical facility-accrediting body in the U.S. Widely accepted as one of the top accreditations for the treatment industry, meant to establish a standard of performance. TJC only accepts healthcare facilities that offer the highest quality and safest treatment options in the nation.



The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) is a nonprofit professional society of top addiction treatment providers in the country. They support their members by providing resources, both clinical and operational, as well as law and policy advocacy. NAATP certifications ensure that addiction treatment centers use the best practices and continue to support these standards. All NAATP treatment providers uphold the organization’s Code of Ethics which guarantees accountability in enforcing the highest quality of care for each guest undergoing treatment.



Wellbriety is a nationwide movement that provides cultural healing for Indigenous and native people. The term Wellbriety means to live a life that is balanced physically, mentally, and spiritually for holistic wellness. Provided by White Bison, this certification upholds the Wellbriety movement’s goal to heal the next seven generations of tribal members. As a Wellbriety-certified treatment center, Royal Life Centers is honored to be a part of the Wellbriety movement. In doing so, we proudly join White Bison through our addiction treatment program for Native Americans.



LegitScript is the industry leader in merchant and advertiser certification and monitoring. The LegitScript certification demonstrates that Royal Life Centers complies with LegitScript’s standards, which helps ensure transparency and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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Our State Accreditations

In order for an addiction treatment facility to legally operate in each US state, it must hold that state’s  provide substance use disorder and behavioral health services safely and effectively. Each state provides its own licensures through the Department of Health to healthcare facilities.

Royal Life Centers hold state accreditations for Arizona and Washington to ensure that our addiction treatment services provide the best possible care for our guests.

DOH License Certification

The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) licenses healthcare facilities in the state of Washington. In doing so, this state accreditation ensures that addiction treatment centers in Washington provide safe and effective substance use disorder. The DOH indicates areas in which rehabs in Washington excel as well as where the programs can improve.

Royal Life Centers is proud to hold licensure from the DOH, once again indicating our ongoing commitment to top-of-the-line care. In obtaining our licensure from the DOH, the extensive process puts our policies and client care standards under a microscope. We value any feedback that we receive and constantly work to improve the guest’s experience at all of our addiction treatment centers in Washington.

ADHS License Certification

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) licenses healthcare programs, including addiction treatment facilities, in the state of Arizona. The ADHS protects the physical and mental health and well-being of Arizona citizens. They also promote the highest standards for licensed mental health intuitions and care facilities in the state of Arizona. 

Royal Life Centers’ ADHS licensure enables us to provide the finest quality substance use disorder treatment in the state. Much like our other accreditations, the ADHS uses a meticulous process to examine our Arizona rehab centers, ensuring an excellent guest experience.


Our Commitment to You

At Royal Life Centers, our priority is always our guests and their well-being. Above all, we consistently strive to provide the highest level of care and commitment to our guests and their families. For this reason, we constantly review the latest innovations in substance use disorder treatment, welcome feedback from both our guests and staff, and maintain top-notch services and treatment facilities.

Should you have any questions about our inpatient detox, residential treatment program, or outpatient programming, please reach out to us today. Our admissions team is available 24/7 at (877)-RECOVERY.

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