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Substance Abuse Treatment

Seeking help for a substance use disorder (SUD) is the first step toward a life of fulfillment in recovery and truely begins once you enter substance abuse treatment. 

More often than not, people living with addiction need help immediately. In fact, delaying treatment can be the difference between life and death. That being said, there is always hope and help around the corner. The sooner you start treatment, the quicker you can regain control over your life in recovery. In order to ensure a safe and successful recovery process from your substance use disorder, you can receive the necessary support and care within substance abuse treatment.

How To Know When You Need Substance Abuse Treatment

Unfortunately, people who suffer from SUDs are often in denial about the severity of their drug or alcohol misuse. As a result, many people spend a lot of energy refusing or delaying treatment as long as they can.

Alternatively, there are people who have fought their addictive patterns for long enough and are ready to receive help. Whether you are actively coming to terms with your substance abuse or just beginning to entertain the possibility that you may need help, it is important to come to terms with the seriousness of addiction and enter substance abuse treatment.

Signs That You're in Denial About Your Addiction

Many people who suffer from a substance use disorder (SUD) know they need help but delay seeking substance abuse treatment. Commonly, people tell themselves and their loved ones a long list of excuses to avoid admitting they have a problem. 

Common excuses people use to avoid rehab can include:

  • I don’t have a drinking problem.
  • Drinking and doing drugs is how I relax.
  • My drinking problem isn’t that bad!
  • Rehab doesn’t work.
  • I don’t need detox and I can figure this out on my own.
  • There’s no way I take off time from work— I’ll lose my job.
  • It’s too expensive to go to treatment.

Sadly, the rationalizations used to escape, avoid, and prolong their entrance into treatment comes with a cost. As the substance abuse continues, so will the negative mental, physical, and social effects, all of which become a serious detriment to their health.

Abstinence vs Recovery

While many people view recovery as abstinence, it is much more than that. This concept is difficult for many people, especially those in the early stages of recovery from substance abuse treatment. After all, drinking and drug taking was the focal point of life before treatment, so it’s only natural that you might think of not drinking or not using drugs as the definition of recovery. 

However, not using drugs or drinking alcohol is just abstinence, and although it’s a crucial part of the recovery process, it’s not enough. The truth is, abstinence—giving up alcohol or drugs entirely—is not recovery, although it’s the absolutely necessary first step. Abstinence alone should never be the final goal of recovery, in or outside of substance abuse treatment. 

Entering a Substance Abuse Treatment Program

At the beginning of recovery, you may not be sure just what it is you want or expect. You may only be sure about one thing: you don’t want to live with addiction any more. Similarly, you may reach the point where all you know is that you don’t want to die.

Oftentimes, people entering treatment are consumed with frustration, wishing that they could be like “normal” people. You may think that it’s unfair that you can’t drink or do drugs without losing control. When you’re attention is consumed by wanting to take drugs or drink alcohol, it’s incredibly difficult to stop.

Substance abuse treatment teaches you to accept the reality of your situation. You learn to make peace with your need to cut ties with drugs and alcohol. In order to stop the constant beratement of horrible consequences, addiction treatment helps you to remove drugs and alcohol from your life.

Recovering in Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse treatment centers are where people go to transition from a repetitive self-defeating lifestyle brought about by the emotional, spiritual and physical bondage to drugs or alcohol, to a self-fulfilling life brought about by the emotional, spiritual and physical enrichment that emerges from a sound and serene recovery lifestyle.

Substance abuse treatment is the best way to understand why you abused substances in the first place, and then continue treatment with therapy to work on those reasons. That’s where Royal Life Centers comes in. We will guide you through recovery from start to finish, starting with abstinence and ending with true recovery—a new life that will be really worth living.

Substance abuse treatment will teach you the difference between abstinence and a life that is happy, healthy, full and meaningful in sobriety. A lifetime of recovery tormented by constant urges for a drug or alcohol, or “white-knuckle sobriety”, will almost always fail. While it is not as unhealthy as continuously abusing drugs or alcohol, it’s also not a fulfilling way to live.

Our substance abuse treatment programs aim to help our guests build a recovery foundation dependent on factors that contribute to a fulfilling life, like community and service. 

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