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Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!

Sober Living

Sober living is a transitional housing environment designed to support individuals in recovery from addiction. This type of housing provides independent living with the oversight and support of treatment staff or sober coaches. Sober housing staff is available 24/7 to provide guidance, accountability, and structure for recovering residents.

Sober houses also create a safe space to practice sober behaviors while cultivating friendships within their recovery community. This extends the recovery experience by building on clinical treatment and reinforcing healthy habits in more real-world settings, something which can accelerate long-term success in recovery.

sober living

Sober Living at Royal Life Centers

Royal Life Centers offers sober living housing during our 12-week aftercare program and for guests in our outpatient program. Sober living helps you rejoin society with everyday support from your built-in sober support system found in Royal’s recovery community.

After completing our inpatient programs, guests who would like to continue care with us in our 12-week program typically live in our sober housing on the property. It’s a warm, welcoming, and safe environment with a built-in recovery community and additional support. By choosing to live in our sober living residences, you’ll develop life skills as we model the responsibility of paying bills and budgeting with low weekly rent. Guests’ rent includes a nice, fully-furnished apartment or home that is equipped with cable/internet. In addition to your peers, staff members are available for support around the clock. Paying rent for sober housing at Royal begins after we help you find employment— for guests in our long-term program, this happens in the second phase of the 12-week program. For guests who are entering our outpatient program after treatment at another facility, or first-time guests, we can also help you obtain employment and will work with you to get you set up in life. Our primary goal in providing a sober living environment is to prepare guests for complete independence. To do this, our sober living housing gives guests time to learn life skills, be part of a community, balance work and recovery, have others to socialize and interact with, and have the added support from clinicians and staff during this phase of early recovery.

Royal Life Centers’ Sober Housing Features:

Who Can Live in Our Sober Residences?

Guests in either our 12-week program or our outpatient program (OP) can move into our sober living residences. Because you must be enrolled in one of these two programs, engaging in some form of treatment is required. 

Outpatient Treatment with Housing

Our sober living is ideal for transitioning into an independent lifestyle while keeping the guidance and support of a clinical atmosphere. During outpatient treatment, you’ll participate in a minimum of one group session per week and individual therapy once a month. We provide daily transportation to and from meetings and the grocery store. 

Required 12-Step Meetings

Throughout our 12-week program and outpatient, we offer transportation to off-campus 12-step meetings, three times/day. During PHP, which is the first stage of our 12-week program, you are required to participate in two 12-Step meetings per week, on Saturday and Sunday. However, guests who join the Royal Life Centers community meetings held on Saturdays can forego their 12-Step meeting for that day. For sober living, we implement policies to ensure that you can successfully hold employment while continuing your role within the sober community.

Highlights of Sober Living

Benefits of Sober Living

We understand the importance of stability and accountability in early recovery from substance use disorder, which is why we took care in the design and execution of our treatment programs. It’s critical for people in early recovery to begin re-building life skills and independence, but it is just as important that they know that support is available if needed. That’s why our in-house sober living staff is available around the clock.


It’s also important in early recovery to learn to take responsibility for your actions and make decisions based on anticipated outcomes. This helps with impulse control and ultimately creates a strong foundation to build self-sufficiency.

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