Sober Living

sober living at Royal Life Centers

Through all phases of aftercare at Royal Life Centers, guests live at Royal Life Housing, which consists of our sober living or grad housing residences. Royal Life Housing is available to guests after detox and inpatient treatment. Primarily, it is for those who are ready to begin the process of reintegration back into daily life and society.

We understand the importance of stability and accountability in early recovery from substance use disorder, so our sober living housing is based around these factors. It’s critical for those who are just overcoming a substance use disorder to begin to re-build life skills and independence, but it is just as important that they know that support is available if needed, which is why our in-house sober living staff is accessible 24/7.

It’s also important that guests learn to take responsibility for their actions and make decisions based on anticipated outcomes. This helps with impulse control and ultimately creates a strong foundation upon which to build self-sufficiency.

Sober living

Outpatient guests will stay at our sober living homes. During the first phase of outpatient treatment (PHP), there is no weekly fee to stay with us. Although, the second and third phases (IOP) cost $50 and $75 per week, respectively. Our in-house sober living staff is available 24/7, and homes feature luxurious living rooms and plasma TVs with cable. We also provide transportation to 12 step meetings, some mandatory, four times each day.

Grad housing

Guests who have completed our nine-week program and obtained a job, are eligible to move into our grad housing and may choose to stay with us here when they step down to our outpatient program (OP). Rent is $100 per week, and we provide daily transportation to meetings and the grocery store.

Guests are tested for drugs/alcohol twice a week, and all bedrooms and living rooms are equipped with cabled flatscreen TVs. Wi-Fi and washers and dryers are available on each property. Visitors are also permitted on the property, and overnight passes are available.

Grad housing is less structured than our nine-week sober living housing, but still provides guests with the necessary accountability one needs to have in early recovery.

All of Royal Life Housing features:

– Staff available 24/7
– Flatscreen TVs with cable
– Wi-Fi
– Regular UA testing
– Transportation to meetings
– Nightly curfews
– Maximum weekly rent of $100

Should you have any questions about Royal Life Housing or any of our inpatient or outpatient programs, please reach out to our admissions staff, available 24/7 at (877)-RECOVERY.