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Case Management

Case management plays a key role in the comprehensive addiction treatment process. This treatment for substance use disorders (SUDs) focuses on recovery services that extend outside of the rehab program itself. Quality addiction treatment centers incorporate case management within their recovery programs to ensure your successful recovery once you reenter society.

This collaborative process uses comprehensive assessments, planning, and facilitation to provide necessary services that will help meet your recovery goals. During treatment for substance abuse, case management offers a compassionate approach to help you maintain sobriety and stability.

Case Management

Routine case management is particularly beneficial for people who lack the trust or ability to seek out the help they need during early recovery.

Case Management

Royal Life Center’s case managers understand addiction and will help you determine your strengths, needs, and goals.  At Royal Life Centers, our case management program complements the clinical and rehabilitation model of our program structure. Our person-first model takes a comprehensive look at goal planning and an individualized approach to resource referral. Our case management places an emphasis on building support systems within the community, the family, and the self. In doing so, you strengthen your sober support systems during case management sessions in addition to one-on-one therapy and groups.

Case management is about making treatment fit you rather than the other way around. For this reason, case managers serve as a bridge between you and each aspect of the healthcare system. Throughout treatment, your case manager identifies available services and resources and provides guidance and support in accessing them. 

Case Managers

A case manager is a professional who assists you in identifying and accessing the services you need to achieve recovery. Often, case managers are social workers or mental health counselors with a background in substance abuse and human behaviors. Using their community connections, they work closely with you in order to coordinate your individualized treatment plan. Additionally, case managers provide guidance and access to recovery resources.

How Can Case Managers Help in Addiction Treatment

Case managers are dependable points of contact who monitor your progress throughout your treatment. As a result, you receive consistent support from initial evaluation and diagnosis through maintenance phases in recovery. Case managers provide holistic support across all treatment aspects, increasing the likelihood of successful and sustained long-term recovery.

The role of a case manager includes:

  • Developing recovery progress reports for ongoing monitoring
  • Monitoring changes over time to ensure that your treatment needs are met
  • Managing any unforeseen crises that may arise
  • Arranging continuum of care plans for aftercare and outpatient services
  • Organizing transportation to and from therapy, group, and 12-step meetings
  • Scheduling appointments for medication management
  • Connecting you with community resources
  • Applying for government assistance
  • Advocating for you within the legal system
  • Coordinating job interviews

To monitor your recovery progress, case managers routinely assess you to determine your strengths, needs, goals, and accomplishments. At the same time, case management introduces you to recovery resources that match your individual needs and goals in recovery.

What’s the Difference Between Case Management and Therapy?

Case management and therapy programs are designed to accommodate you and your unique needs. First and foremost, case managers and therapists offer specialized care to benefit your time in treatment.

With that being said, case management differs from therapy in services provided during recovery. Case management determines your long-term recovery goals and supplys the appropriate community resources to help you achieve those goals. Alternatively, therapy focuses on facilitating positive change in your mental health and personal life in the here-and-now.

Case Management At Royal Life Centers

Commonly, everyday routines are put on hold while you are working to overcome a substance use disorder. Knowing that your responsibilities are out of your hands while in treatment often causes undue stress. For this reason, each guest at Royal Life Centers is assigned a case manager. 

Our compassionate and experienced case managers can help you navigate and resolve legal, social, and other issues. This guidance can be instrumental in helping you focus on your recovery instead of the outside world. As a result, you relearn the life skills necessary for a seamless transition back into society during early recovery.

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