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Alumni Services

For those working toward long-term recovery from substance use disorders, the journey can be a difficult one. At Royal Life Centers, we understand that even after treatment is completed, you still need support and connection to maintain your sobriety. That’s why we offer alumni services and recovery resources for graduates of our treatment program.

Our alumni coordinators provide support, accountability, and a strong peer-support network to help each person stay on track with their recovery goals and continue to grow within our thriving recovery community. 

alumni services

Alumni Services After Rehab

Royal Life Centers’ alumni services highlight our commitment to helping our graduates continue on the path of sobriety and success. We invite each alumni member to get connected with our ever-growing recovery community at Royal Life Center and stay connected with others who are in recovery. In addition to providing ongoing support, our services also provide access to support systems and resources that can help our alumni stay accountable and be successful in their new life of sobriety. 


We take pride in fostering a strong sense of community among our alumni, knowing that together we can work together to help each other stay on the path of sobriety. Similarly, we encourage alumni members to share their own stories and experiences that have helped them continue in recovery, which can be a source of strength for those who are struggling to remain sober. 

Royal Life Centers Alumni

From the moment you enter our care, you become a part of the Royal Life community — a community that is committed to recovery, accountability, and the well-being of every guest — past, present, and future.

Royal Life Centers provides resources that offer recovery support and connection for a lifetime. Sobriety is an ongoing journey that requires a connection with like-minded individuals. A sober support network is a critical part of long-term recovery. Peers in your treatment program can continue to play a large role in your sobriety after you leave.

Lifelong friendships are often created during addiction treatment. Connecting with recovery peers and mentors is the goal of Royal Life Centers’ alumni program. Our alumni team is devoted to helping you remain connected with us, your peers, and the greater local recovery community.

Our Alumni Coordinators

Royal’s alumni coordinators are passionate professionals, many of whom are in recovery themselves. Staying sober after addiction treatment and re-entering daily life while meeting obligations and responsibilities can be challenging. When times get tough, it’s incredibly important to have a strong support system to help fight temptations and stay on the right path. We take this initiative into our own hands by making monthly follow-up calls to every one of our graduates and offering assistance and guidance when needed.

Our alumni coordinators can act as liaisons for anything you need that can support your recovery, such as:
  • Letters of completion
  • Assistance re-entering treatment
  • Arranging further care
  • Engaging you in alumni events
  • Helping you get loved one’s treatment

In order to ensure that you continue on your path to long-term sobriety, our alumni coordinators provide continuing care services and recovery resources designed to offer accountability, support, and connection to graduates of our treatment program.

Accountability and Relapse Prevention

At Royal Life Centers, we understand that long-term sobriety requires more than just an effective treatment program. Recovery also requires ongoing support. Our alumni services provide consistent accountability and support throughout the recovery process. One of the ways we do this is by connecting each person with our dedicated alumni coordinators. In doing so, our program graduates remain in contact with Royal’s recovery community.

For this reason, we strive to keep our alumni accountable through regular check-ins with our alumni coordinators. Through this process of remaining accountable for their actions, alumni can stay connected with our supportive recovery community. More importantly, Royal alumni can incorporate relapse prevention techniques and accountability measures to strengthen their resolve in recovery.

As a Royal alumni member, you can prevent addiction recovery relapse by participating in:

  • Alumni coordinator check-ins
  • Sober companion calls
  • Alumni events
  • Sober activities
  • 12-step meetings
  • Alumni meetings
  • Sober living
  • Drug testing

With simple accountability measures, our alumni can ensure that they take the necessary steps toward long-term recovery from substance use disorders. Additionally, graduates staying in our sober living homes also meet with their case manager and counselor as well as conduct random drug testing when necessary. As a result, we can make sure that our alumni have the resources they need to stay successful long after they complete treatment at our facility. 

Sober Support Network

In addition to offering personalized care and accountability, our alumni services also include regular alumni events and sober activities for all of our graduates. These events allow people in various stages of recovery from addiction to connect with one another. We encourage the strengthening of community ties through shared experiences. While you participate in our alumni events, you can continue to build your sober support network within our recovery community. For this reason, these activities are an incredibly beneficial part of maintaining long-term sobriety. Our alumni form meaningful relationships within Royal’s alumni community which can serve as a source of strength for years down the line. 

Continuing Care in Recovery

At Royal Life Centers, we uphold our commitment to helping you recover from addiction and find lasting freedom from substance use disorders through effective treatment programs as well as providing ongoing care. Through our alumni services and other recovery resources, we have watched our recovery community grow and flourish into an empathetic and accepting space for both our new graduates and those with years on their belts. 

Our goal is not only to get you sober but also to provide you with the tools you need for lifelong success in your personal recovery journey. Through support, accountability, sober activities, and recovery events, Royal Life Centers’ vibrant alumni community offers you the support you need to continue to grow in recovery.

Royal Alumni Events

Our ultimate goal is not just to help you achieve and maintain sobriety but also to integrate you into a thriving recovery community where you will feel supported and connected with others who have similar experiences in addiction recovery. 

For this reason, Royal Life Centers hosts multiple events throughout the year such as movie nights, kayaking at local parks, self-care seminars, and hikes around nearby trails, picnics at state parks. All of our alumni services and events are designed to foster a sense of belonging within our larger recovering community. In addition, we seek to promote wellness activities that strengthen your mind, body, and spirit. 

Examples of our alumni events include:

  • Laser tag
  • Rodeo
  • Movies
  • Tubing
  • Mini golf
  • Ice skating
  • Paintball
  • Escape rooms
  • Sporting events

Currently, we host monthly alumni events for program graduates. Each event is a fun-filled way to connect with peers, make new friends, and socialize in a sober environment. These events are free for any alumni of any of our programs. We also host a monthly alumni speaker event where alumni share with current guests in treatment about their recovery and pizza is served.

Our Alumni Activities

Royal Life Centers hosts monthly alumni events for program graduates. Each event is a fun-filled way to connect with peers, make new friends, and socialize in a sober environment. These events are free for any alumni of any of our programs.

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