Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

After completing the partial hospitalization program (PHP) portion of our nine-week outpatient program, guests may move on to our intensive outpatient program (IOP), lasting six weeks. The first three— the second phase in our outpatient treatment program— involve three hours of group per day, five days per week.

The second three weeks of IOP of our nine-week outpatient treatment program and consist of three hours of group per day, three days per week. Guests attend weekly individual therapy sessions, learn life skills, and participate in job readiness training that covers resume building, interview skills, and job placement. Through outpatient treatment, guests meet with their individual therapists once a week.

Holistic treatment in IOP includes group, individual, movement/activity, adventure, and equine therapies, as well as psychiatry with medication management. At Royal Life Centers, we incorporate only evidence-based treatments, highlighted in all areas of our programming: individual and group therapy, trauma resolution, relapse prevention, psychotherapy, psychiatric evaluation, recreational opportunities, anger management, and 12 step meetings.

This comprehensive approach to treatment is designed to be collaborative and all-encompassing and effect mental, physical, and spiritual change in the lives of guests. We believe that incorporating many different therapies— from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to activity and adventure therapy— is how to find what works best for each guest.

Royal Life Centers makes guests a part of their own treatment— we don’t believe in the practice of placing guests in pre-determined, pre-scheduled groups. Instead, guests work closely with their primary therapist to develop an Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) to meet their unique needs, and with their case manager to learn about the community resources available to them.

Guests’ comfort and care are always our priority, which is why guests reside at Royal Life Housing, our sober living community, through all phases of outpatient treatment. Our in-house sober living staff is accessible at all hours, and our sober living homes feature luxurious living rooms, spacious bedrooms, walk-in closets, and plasma TVs with cable. We also provide transportation to 12 step meetings four times each day.

To complete our nine-week outpatient program and be eligible to move on to our graduate housing, guests must have obtained a job with the help of our job placement coordinator. Our staff members are facilitators at every stage of the job-finding process and assist guests with everything from connecting them with potential opportunities to providing transportation to and from interviews.

To learn more about our IOP, or any other Royal Life Centers programs, please reach out to our admissions staff at (877)-RECOVER with any and all questions.