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Health Comp

If you’re looking for drug or alcohol treatment, one of the most important things to understand is your health insurance benefits, and what is covered. Getting the most out of your Health Comp benefits and knowing your options allow you to make the best possible decisions for yourself and your recovery.


Health Comp Insurance

Treatment for mental health and substance use disorders is generally covered by Health Comp as well as most health insurance companies. Since the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies must cover these services at the same level at which normal medical benefits are covered. What this means for you is that coverage for substance use disorder will be covered, at least partially. Your specific plan will determine how much coverage you’ll receive and at what level. To find out more about what your options are, call our benefit verification experts at Royal Life Centers.

Will Health Comp Insurance Cover Rehab?

If HealthComp is an insurance provider in your area, you may be wondering if addiction rehab is covered under your policy. Certainly, Health Comp is known for allowing members to customize their plans to fit their specific needs. In fact, this information is incredibly important toward the end of your yearly plan in case you would prefer to add addiction treatment to your policy for the following year.

Insurance plans are typically tricky, considering the many variables that alter the coverage amount an individual receives for one treatment or another. Within the same insurance, services like detox and inpatient may be covered in one policy, while another policy may cover every level of care within addiction treatment. 

Variables affecting coverage:

  • Length of stay
  • Medical necessity 
  • Treatment type
  • Special facilities

Depending on your needs, you may require more treatment for addiction than your insurance policy coverage allows. That is to say, Health Comp plans may limit their coverage to a shorter addiction program. For instance, you need detox, inpatient, and aftercare options like PHP, IOP, and OP. However, you speak with your insurance policy provider to find only detox and inpatient programs are covered under medical necessity. To clarify, medical necessity implies that your policy requires a physician referral to drug rehab in order to consider it legitimate. Additionally, many insurance policies require referrals to cover detox and inpatient but still refuse to cover PHP, IOP, and OP because they don’t consider aftercare as a necessary treatment for addiction treatment. That is not to say that Health Comp will not cover these programs under your policy, or at least they may cover aftercare in higher policies within the company.

What Addiction Treatment Programs Are Covered Under Health Comp?

Coverage levels for mental health and substance abuse treatment will vary for each person depending on their plan. In many cases, Health Comp and other medical insurance providers will require preauthorization for treatment. What this means is that your insurer will determine if the treatment you’re seeking is medically necessary. This decision will usually be done between medical professionals and your insurance company.

HealthComp Addiction Treatment Options Include:

  • Medical Detox
    • Safe, monitored removal of drugs and alcohol
  • Residential Inpatient Treatment
    • In-facility addiction treatment with intensive  therapy
  • Partial Hospitalization Program
    • Aftercare, a continuation of inpatient, living off-campus
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs
    • Aftercare, a continuation of PHP, less restrictive
  • Outpatient Programs
    • Flexible scheduling, off-campus living with therapy 

Some services don’t require any kind of preauthorization; however, this depends on your plan, and personal circumstances. Additionally, Health Comp may also expect its members to meet deductibles or co-pays before they’ll agree to pay for treatment. To find out the details of your specific plan, please contact our admissions team for a free confidential evaluation.

For More On Insurance Coverage Questions, Call Our Addiction Specialists

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