Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!
Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!

Residential Inpatient Program

At Royal Life Centers, our residential inpatient program is designed with compassion and care to help individuals overcome their substance use disorder. Our facilities provide guests with access to the best medical and therapeutic treatment methods available. 

We staff our residential inpatient programs with experienced professionals who deeply care about the health and wellness of each individual. With a dedicated team by their side and support from family members, recovering individuals can feel safe and secure as they take this pivotal step toward recovery.


Residential Inpatient Program

Our residential program is incredibly beneficial for those beginning their recovery journey. As a result, most guests transition into residential inpatient care following our detox program. Following detox, our residential programs continue to provide 24/7 access to our medical staff and evidence-based treatments. Our inpatient staff is made up of highly qualified medical professionals including doctors, therapists, case managers, and other addiction treatment specialists. We maintain a robust team of medical and clinical professionals that are always on-site. This ensures that our guests receive the highest quality of care, safety measures, and support during early recovery. Likewise, the small, intimate setting of Royal Life Centers facilities is the most conducive to guests’ comfort and safety. 

Our highly structured inpatient treatment program focuses on redeveloping life skills and reintegrating them into everyday life. With compassionate support from staff coupled with customizable treatment plans, we give you a chance to make a fresh start in life and recovery.

What to Expect During Residential Inpatient Treatment

Within our scheduled treatment program, guests can take part in expressive therapy activities like journaling, yoga, and art. Despite the structured nature of our inpatient programs, we do leave time for guests to reflect or relax. Throughout inpatient treatment, guests have 24/7 access to snacks and beverages, and our in-house chef prepares three meals a day. Guests can also enjoy Xbox gaming, fitness, and traditional board games.

Of course, our guests will spend time receiving additional support from staff and bonding with peers. Similarly, guests also meet with one of our case managers who will help them navigate personal, legal, and workplace matters.

Some guests choose to enjoy the outdoors while others settle into their rooms to relax. To provide some of the modern comforts of life into treatment, both our inpatient and outpatient bedrooms come equipped with walk-in closets and flat-screen TVs. 

Our facilities are spacious and modern, and some of our Royal Life Centers locations even feature private bedrooms. All rooms have plasma screen TVs, and guests may relax in our common areas. Our locations in Washington offer guests supervised outdoor spaces to enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Similarly, our Arizona locations provide supervised trips to enjoy the beautiful outdoor landscapes of Prescott Valley.

Intensive Therapy Services

Designed to follow our medical detox program, inpatient services in our residential facility consist of group therapy for five hours per day, every day, and weekly individual therapy sessions. During group therapy, guests learn the necessary tools, knowledge, and skills they will need to overcome their physical or mental addictions. Guests also participate in individual therapy sessions with their primary therapist to discuss personal topics, roadblocks, and treatment progress. Our therapeutic services are mandatory unless the guest is deemed medically unable by a member of our medical staff.

Building Recovery Support Systems and Community Engagement

Royal’s residential inpatient programs also incorporate the local community into treatment. For this reason, guests attend 12-step meetings to begin building their relationships within the local recovery community. Our guests also engage with Royal graduates during alumni guest speaker appearances. Another way we integrate guests within the community is through elective opportunities to participate in community service initiatives.

Holistic Healing Approach

We take a holistic approach to treatment, so our residential program consists of individual and group therapy, a psychiatric evaluation, psychotherapy, recreational opportunities, relapse prevention, education on gender-specific issues, trauma resolution, grief and loss, anger management, and 12-step meetings. Through these sessions and activities, we work to restore mind, body, and spirit; this threefold targeting defines holistic treatment. Our residential program is about much more than simply overcoming substance use disorder as a disease— it’s about broadening our guests’ potential for long-term recovery and maintaining sobriety.

Your Recovery Goals Are Our Treatment Goals

Throughout residential treatment, and all of our programs, our goal is to help guests understand themselves, their addiction, and how to stay sober. In addition, we guide guests through early recovery to help them learn and practice healthy coping skills. While in our inpatient programs, guests gain the tools needed to help them build a support network once they’ve left our care. We do so by treating the roots of a substance use disorder, not simply addiction as a disease. 

We assess each guest’s needs to build a customized treatment plan that caters to their unique set of circumstances and that will help them to reach their individual goals and objectives.

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