Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!
Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!

Women’s Drug Rehab

In our culture, women have long been silent sufferers—taught to be uncomplaining and self-sacrificing, and to maintain the image of the caretakers whose daily duties, however trying, take no terrible toll.

Among recovering addicts, low-self-esteem is a formidable opponent. Just when you’ve begun to put your life back together again, just when you’ve started to feel good about yourself, some remark or slight will threaten your stability.

Women-Focused Issues

While low self-esteem is a problem among most recovering addicts, it seems to be especially troublesome among women. Two specific problems, hormonal dysphoria and trauma, present especially for women in recovery. It has been estimated that over half of all female alcoholics have hormonal dysphoria. In some cases women have even become addicted to the medications prescribed by their doctors to relieve the hormonal dysphoria. In recovery, acknowledging, diagnosing, and treating hormonal dysphoria is crucial; without it recovering women are at a higher risk for relapse. The fallout from trauma is becoming increasingly apparent. One survey found that 35 percent of all psychiatric patients had a history of sexual abuse. Another survey of teens with a history of sexual abuse found that 41 percent had been frequent users of marijuana and 24 percent had been frequent users of cocaine,  compared to only 5 percent and 1 percent, of the general teen population.

Break the Silence

Historically, women have chosen to remain in the shadows rather than face the perceived judgement that could occur when their abuse is revealed. In the past, they were often right.

But now, for a woman suffering under the yoke of a past that includes trauma, and a present diminished by substance abuse, silence only adds to the problem. By not openly confronting the problem, women are made to feel guilty, as if they somehow brought the trauma on themselves. This guilt, in turn, creates a poor self-image.

What a Good Program Can Do

In a good drug rehab program, a woman can feel safe in discussing her most personal experiences. With counseling and especially with group support, she can regain the confidence and self-worth, understand and pursue healthy relationships, respond in a healthy way, be free from unnecessary fears, clarify personal values, regain spirituality, achieve good physical health, and reach her true potential.

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