Outpatient Program

Once you’ve completed our 12-week aftercare program, consisting of four weeks of partial hospitalization (PHP) and eight weeks of intensive outpatient (IOP), you can continue treatment at the outpatient level of care. Royal Life Centers outpatient program (OP) is available to first-time guests as well.

What Happens During Outpatient Treatment?

Our outpatient program is the least restrictive, most flexible treatment option available of our levels of care. A benefit of outpatient treatment is that you have complete control over your schedule. Aside from attendance at a monthly individual therapy session and weekly group meeting on Sundays, you can choose your frequency of treatment.

Customizable Treatment Schedules

If you want more time in one-on-one counseling, or in groups, we can work this into your individual service plan (ISP). Your ISP is designed by you, for you. Additionally, outpatient treatment plans can be altered. For instance, if you require more therapy during a rough patch, or less therapy as you gain confidence in sobriety, you can adjust your frequency of therapy sessions. Additionally, we offer daytime outpatient services and evening outpatient services.


The timing of our available outpatient treatment sessions support individuals who have responsibilities outside of treatment, like his or her work schedule, family, or other obligations and commitments. No matter what your schedule looks like day-to-day, we can accommodate you with our outpatient program 

Recovery Support Systems

Our outpatient program accommodates people who gain employment and are moderately independent. Outpatient care acts as a support system in recovery. By providing community, medical care, and resources, OP encourages growth and self-sufficiency in everyday life. At this point, you’ve been working on your physical, mental, and spiritual health for several months  and you’re ready to begin a life free of substance abuse.

Sober Living in OP

Guests enrolled in outpatient treatment at Royal Life Centers have the option to live in our sober living residences. Royal Life Center’s outpatient sober living residences provide around-the-clock support with a dedicated staff, alongside amenities like free wifi, cable television, computers, and resource rooms with printers and other office supplies. You may also live at home while attending outpatient treatment. 

Outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication-assisted treatment is a maintenance program for recovery aided by medications like Suboxone and Naltrexone. As with all of our treatment programs at Royal Life Centers, we do offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) as an option for guests. This includes outpatient MAT, managed by our doctor on staff. MAT is most effective when coupled with ongoing clinical and medical care, which we provide in our outpatient program here at Royal.


Outpatient programming at Royal Life Centers offers an alternative to more structured programming such as inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient. It helps prepare you for independent living. For very low rent,  you may choose to live in our sober living residences during your care with us. All bedrooms and living rooms are equipped with flatscreen TVs with cable, and visitors are permitted on the property. Overnight passes are available, and there are washers and dryers onsite.

Setting You Up for Success

Nightly curfews and regular urine tests encourage accountability and responsibility in early recovery. It’s critical that you’re able to make decisions based on anticipated outcomes. Sound decision-making helps with impulse control and ultimately creates a strong foundation for building self-sufficiency.

In our sober housing, you’ll receive daily transportation to meetings, the grocery store, any outside medical/dental appointments and you will have 24/7 access to our in-house sober living staff.

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