Outpatient Program

Once a guest has completed our nine-week program, consisting of three weeks of PHP and six weeks of IOP, they may choose to continue treatment at the outpatient (OP) level with their therapist on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Session frequency is determined by the guest and therapist and their needs. Guests who choose to continue their treatment with us at the OP level of care may stay at our grad housing, our sober living facility for those eligible, or live at home and receive care. Guests may also attend group if indicated in the individualized treatment plan they create with their therapist.

OP is a less structured, more flexible treatment option than PHP or IOP and is designed to accommodate those who are employed and sufficiently independent to healthily function on their own in everyday life. At this point, guests have rebuilt much of their physical and mental health following detox, residential inpatient treatment, PHP, and IOP and are ready to begin a life free of substance use.

Outpatient programming at Royal Life Centers is designed to offer guests an alternative to more structured intensive outpatient programming— PHP and IOP at our centers— and help prepare them for independent living. For $100 rent per week, OP guests may choose to reside in our grad housing while they continue their care with us. Grad housing, part of our sober living program, is available only to those who have completed our nine-week outpatient treatment program and obtained a job. All bedrooms and living rooms are equipped with cabled flatscreen TVs, and visitors are permitted on property. Overnight passes are available, and there are washers and dryers on the premises.

Nightly curfews— later for OP guests— and regular UA tests help those in early recovery to re-learn accountability and what it means to take responsibility for their actions. It’s critical that guests are able to make decisions based on anticipated outcomes, as sound decision-making helps with impulse control and ultimately creates a strong foundation upon which to build self-sufficiency.

Guests in grad housing are also provided daily transportation to meetings and the grocery store and have 24/7 access to our in-house sober living staff.

If you are interested in learning more about our OP or our grad housing, or any other treatment programs offered at Royal Life Centers, please reach out to our admissions staff, available 24 hours a day, every day, at (877)-RECOVER.