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Wendy Williams: Speaking Out About Drug Addiction

Wendy Williams has previously been forthcoming when it comes to her long-time struggle with alcoholism and a cocaine addiction. Wendy has previously spoken on her struggle with cocaine, which was a battle lasting for a decade. In recent news, Wendy Williams has addressed her husband Kevin Hunter’s infidelity, filing for divorce from her, but more importantly— how addiction has resurfaced in her life. Williams recently shared her truth on air during her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show.

Wendy’s Truth

On air, Wendy Williams revealed to her audience that she has been living in a sober living facility or sober house, for a great deal of time now. Williams attended addiction treatment in Florida this past year, up until the early months of 2019. Williams had allegedly fallen back into addiction following her shoulder fracture last December. In Florida, Wendy Williams checked herself into a detox facility and an intensive rehab program soon after. Once Wendy Williams returned from treatment in Florida, she moved into a sober living facility, which is a residential sober living program.

How She Lives Now

Wendy is still living at a sober living facility in New Jersey at this time. Wendy spoke out about overcoming her Wendy Williams accredits her ability to handle the stressors associated with addiction recovery by having close friends in recovery, multiple sponsors, and a 24-hour sober coach who goes everywhere with her.
We applaud Wendy Williams for her vulnerability, and shedding light on the very real battle that addiction is. Wendy Williams’ vulnerability marks a very real-life look into the impact of addiction and the necessity in seeking addiction treatment. Wendy Williams encourages others to reach out for help, using her platform to preach the importance of mental, emotional, and spiritual health in recovery from addiction.


After addressing her recent struggle with an alcohol and prescription pill addiction, Williams shared with her audience what her day-to-day living looks like: “”After I go to the Pilates, I go to several meetings all around town in the tri-state area,” she shared. “And I see my brothers and sisters, caught up in their addiction and looking for help. They don’t know I’m Wendy. They don’t care I’m Wendy. There’s no autographs. There is no nothing. It’s the brothers and sisters caught up in the struggle… After I finished my appointments, seeing my brothers and sisters, breaking bread, I am driven by my 24-hour sober coach back to the home that I live in, here in the tri-state with a bunch of smelly boys who have become my family,” she continued. “They hog the TV and watch soccer. We talk and read and talk and read and then I get bored with them. … So I go to my room, and I stare at the ceiling and I fall asleep to wake up and come back here to see you. So that is my truth. … I know, either you are calling me crazy or the bravest woman you know. I don’t care” (Bueno).

Wendy’s Efforts to Lessen the Impact of Addiction

Many are unfamiliar with Wendy Williams persistent effort to help others who are affected by addiction, but she has done many things for entire communities and addicts in terms of lessening the impact of addiction.

In 2014, Williams started The Hunter Foundation, a foundation dedicated to helping communities recover from the impact of addiction and seek solutions to stop the cycle of substance abuse. In a statement made by Wendy Williams, she said “”We must all come together to respond to this crisis of addiction and substance abuse… Everyone is at risk from the inner cities to more affluent communities” (Bueno).

The Hunter Foundation

Wendy Williams founded the The Hunter Foundation in 2014. The Hunter Foundation is a non-profit that “…provides grants for drug education, prevention and rehabilitation programs” (The Hunter Foundation). The Hunter Foundation states that it is “dedicated to changing the negative story about youths and addiction” and takes on the mission of increasing public awareness on addiction and abuse, to help youths live healthy, drug-free lives.


We are glad to see Wendy Williams embody authenticity, speaking her truth and becoming vulnerable to bring up a topic that is often hidden amongst pop culture figures. Williams was an advocate for starting the dialogue about the reality of addiction, as she has previously spoken on her decade long cocaine addiction, before speaking up about her most recent pill and alcohol addiction.

Wendy Williams is an extremely successful woman, and a strong voice for addiction recovery. Williams not only has her own talk show, but she has an entire line of clothing featured on home shopping networks, has authored seven books— including a best-selling autobiography, and she is the founder of The Hunter Foundation. Despite all of her successes, Williams desires her work for The Hunter Foundation to be most recognized and have a lasting impact for the greater-good.

The authenticity Williams shows is a refreshing take on the reality of addiction and recovery, and we support Wendy Williams as she continues on her journey of recovery. We are overwhelmed with gratitude anytime a public figure uses their platform to address pressing issues that are rarely spoken on, so to see Wendy Williams open up about addiction candidly was a beautiful thing.

Our Treatment

At Royal Life Centers, we provide comprehensive addiction treatment. Royal Life Centers has treatment programs designed to follow guests through the recovery process, offering guidance and support along each step of the way. We offer a variety of treatment programs, including: a medical detox, a residential inpatient program, a partial hospitalization program (PHP), an intensive outpatient program (IOP), an outpatient program (OP), sober living and graduate housing.
Our rehabilitation facilities use only the best practices, and proven effective methods of addiction treatment. Royal Life Centers uses intensive therapies to address addiction, its impact, and unresolved issues. The intensive therapies we use include: individual therapy sessions, group therapy, behavioral therapies, adventure therapy, activity therapy, and equine therapy. We give guests the skills and tools they need to rebuild happy, healthy, and meaningful lives in sobriety. Our addiction treatment also introduces guests to 12 step programs of recovery, like Alcoholic’s Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism is possible, and we hope you feel inspired by Wendy Williams’ addiction story and strength in her recovery.

You never have to do this alone. If you are struggling with an addiction, there is hope; Royal Life Centers is here to give you guidance and support through out the recovery process. The very first step is reaching out and asking for help. If you are looking for a treatment center that will address mental health, and an addiction to drugs or alcohol, look no further. Royal Life Centers treats all addictions, which include: alcohol, methamphetamines, opioids— heroin and prescription painkillers, benzodiazepines, cocaine, crack, etc. If you are showing signs and symptoms of a physical dependency, we recommend that you look into our medical detox program to lessen the risk factors associated with symptoms of withdrawal. We know drugs and alcohol affect the brain greatly, which is why we provide intensive therapies and therapeutic methods of addiction treatment, in addition to medication-assisted detox and medication-assisted treatment. We have both short term and long term treatment programs, at both inpatient and outpatient levels of care. Please reach out to our admission team for more information.

On May 23rd, 2019, it was reported that Wendy Williams will be dissolving The Hunter Foundation amidst her divorce from her husband Kevin Hunter. Williams says that despite ending her foundation that vowed to support young people trying to overcome addiction, that she is still dedicated to the cause.

Reach Out

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, and are seeking treatment, please reach out to our addiction specialists at (877)-RECOVERY or (877)-732-6837. Our team of addiction specialists are available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because We Care.


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