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Where to Find Veteran Mental Health Services in Washington State

Over the years, veteran mental health services have become crucial for service members. PTSD and other mental health issues are a common occurrence among veterans. These issues need specialized and comprehensive treatment to promote healing. At Royal Life Centers, our military mental health program aims to promote wellness for our veteran and first responder community members. We offer extensive PTSD treatment for veterans in Washington state. If you are looking for veteran mental health services in Washington State, there are treatment centers here to help with substance abuse.

Why Do Veterans Struggle with Mental Health?

Veterans face a unique set of challenges that can contribute to mental health struggles. War and combat are traumatic experiences. Veterans may witness or experience violence, death, and serious injuries. These experiences can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression.

This alone can be very difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, PTSD is not the only struggle veterans face. Military life values structure and discipline. This can make transitioning back to civilian life difficult. Many veterans struggle to find jobs, adjust to new routines, and reconnect with loved ones. A counseling center with professional mental health providers can help. Veteran treatment from a mental health provider can help with post-traumatic stress disorder, anger management, suicide prevention, and substance abuse.

Many veterans, may also struggle with moral injury. This can occur when veterans feel they have betrayed their morals or values or seen others doing so. Over time, this can lead to shame, guilt, and isolation.

Because of the challenges and difficulties faced by veterans, many turn to self-medication. People use substances such as alcohol or drugs to cope with mental health symptoms. This can lead to addiction and further complicate their lives.

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What Are the Most Common Mental Health Disorders Among Veterans?

Veterans and first responders often face unique challenges and difficult circumstances. Because of this, these individuals are prone to many mental health complications. Some of the most common mental health disorders among veterans include:


  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): This is a mental health condition triggered by a traumatic event. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares, and severe anxiety. While PTSD is often associated with combat, other traumatic events can cause this. These include military sexual assault or a serious accident.
  • Major depression: This is a common and serious medical illness that affects veterans. It can alter how they feel, the way they think, and how they act. Symptoms can include feeling sad or having a depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed, trouble sleeping, feelings of guilt, and recurrent thoughts of death or suicide.
  • Substance use disorder (SUD): This is a condition involving uncontrolled use of a substance despite harmful consequences. People with SUD have an intense focus on using a certain substance(s). These can include alcohol or illicit drugs, to the point where the person’s ability to function becomes impaired.
  • Anxiety disorders: Anxiety disorders are a group of mental illnesses that cause excessive worry, nervousness, and fear. These feelings can be constant or triggered by specific situations. There are several types of anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder (social phobia), panic disorder, and specific phobias.


These are only a few of the mental health conditions veterans often struggle with. Each can be debilitating to those who struggle with them. At Royal Life Centers, we offer support for veterans suffering from many behavioral health issues.

How Is Mental Health Treatment Different for Veterans?

Mental health treatment for veterans is like treatment for the general population in several ways. Of course, several key differences set mental health care for veterans apart.


This treatment addresses the specific challenges faced by military members and veterans in their occupation. It focuses on the traumas they have experienced in the line of duty. By acknowledging their unique circumstances, mental health treatment for veterans lets them heal and cope.


 At Royal Life Centers, our therapists specialize in military culture and the unique stressors of combat. This experience allows them to better understand and treat our veteran guests. Our mental health treatment programs use specific evidence-based therapies for veterans.

These include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). These treatments can help veterans. They will better understand their thoughts and behaviors and find healthier ways to handle their emotions.

We also use many holistic treatments. These help heal the body and spirit. At Royal Life Centers, we ensure our guests with veteran backgrounds get the care they need to heal. We give them individualized and comprehensive care, allowing them to lead more fulfilling lives.

PTSD Treatment for Veterans at Royal Life Centers

At Royal Life Centers, our Valor Program for Military Veterans offers comprehensive and individualized care to those struggling with military-related mental health issues. We work with our guests one-on-one to build a treatment plan that is just right for them.

You will have access to many therapies and recovery options at our veteran mental health treatment program. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Activity therapy
  • Equine therapy

Deciding to seek treatment can feel overwhelming, but we are here for you. Our team dedicates itself to providing a safe and comfortable recovery environment for all our guests. We are here to support you throughout every step of your recovery journey.

At Royal Life Centers, we make our guests’ health and happiness our top priority. If you are ready to get started on the path to recovery, reach out to us today. We are available 24/7 to answer all your treatment questions and help you start treatment as soon as possible.

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