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Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!

Artie Lange: An Update for the Star's Sentence to Addiction Treatment

As we know, the comedian Artie Lange has had a long-time struggle with drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Artie Lange is best known for his relationship and work done with friend Howard Stern. Lange appeared on many programs, including a long term gig on Mad TV.

Artie Lange’s Arrest

Following an arrest for drug possession of heroin and cocaine in March of 2017, Artie Lange was ordered to four years of probation, which included taking court-mandated drug tests. Lange had violated his probation twice in the span of two months, testing positive for cocaine on two seperate court-mandated drug tests. In late January of this year, Lange was sentenced to follow an intensive six-month long drug court program before failing his latest court-mandated drug test.
Lange was dismissed from the drug court program and instead was ordered to attend an outpatient treatment program for one month. This change was seemingly very lenient, considering that Artie Lange tested positive for cocaine on three separate occasions during his probation. This was a relapse that left Artie’s friends terrified of losing the star to a drug overdose.

Lange’s Forced Recovery

Following his third failed drug test, and attendance of the month-long outpatient treatment program, Artie Lange has been ordered to live in a halfway or sober house until his next court appearance— which has no set date.
So far, Lange has spent the last two months living in the halfway house, working on his sobriety. After recently being spotted at the wake of his late high school friend, who also struggled with addiction, friends of Artie Lange described him to be looking healthy.

Recent Updates

Most recently, posted to Artie Lange’s Twitter account, is a video of him doing community service. His team posted this message from Lange “It’s true i’m working to satisfy my drug court program. I work with great people. Nothing wrong with a little hard work. Love you all and can’t wait to be back on stage.” We are so happy to see Artie Lange taking responsibility and working to fulfill his program. Another (older) message posted by Artie Lange reads “I lived my life to extreme levels. No moderation at all. To younger ppl I must say that doesn’t work. Not in the long run. Live a good clean life. Behave!” We are so proud to see that Artie Lange is working on himself, and gaining insight from his struggle with drugs. Addiction is hard to overcome, but recovery is possible.
We are rooting for Artie Lange’s recovery, and we hope he can finally be open-minded and willing to accept the gifts that sobriety will bring to this talented man. The past two years, Lange has been admitted to the hospital a whopping eight times due to diabetes and drug abuse complications. This speaks to the insanity of addiction. We hope Artie Lange is doing well in his recovery process, and only hope the best for him.

Our Treatment

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