Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!
Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!

Overcoming Stigmas of Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol

Even with all of the advances in modern medicine today, and wealth of information that can easily be obtained online, a lot of misinformation still exists to perpetuate the stigma of addiction. Specifically with addiction in comparison to other medical conditions, many still believe that it is the result of a moral failing or a lack of willpower. These beliefs are so prevalent today that many refuse to even seek help for their addiction problems because they don’t want to be labeled as an “addict”. Unfortunately, the medical condition of addiction condition (specifically categorized as a mental disorder) is still not recognized as a medical condition that is treatable by most people.

Royal Life Centers understands the science and medical background surrounding addiction. We strive to make it known to every guest and family member that addiction is indeed a medical condition, and not a result of moral failure, or an innate complete disregard for others’ wellbeing. That is not to say that our guests will not have to take responsibility for their current actions and making amends (where possible, or safe to do so). We are just trying to ensure that each of our guests is aware of the fact that they are battling a medical condition, and that the stigma surrounding addiction and all of its accompanying misinformation should be ignored.

The Stigma of Addiction Perpetuates Ignorance

Many of the stigma surrounding addiction is a result of the fact that everyone has dealt with temptation and difficulty in moderating with something. While many other people in their early 20’s are capable of heaving drinking on the weekends without becoming addicted, alcoholics are not. Simply because of the way that alcohol impacts an alcoholic. While it is true that there are a few exceptions, for the vast majority of alcoholics and addicts, drugs and alcohol affect them differently than other people. Most people that end up becoming hopelessly addicted to a substance obtain greater relief, and pleasure than the average person would from this altered state of mind.

To draw a parallel example, many people enjoy donuts or other sweets. However, the people that have food addictions have a much harder time passing up opportunities to have more sweets. This is mostly because the amount of dopamine and other feel-good chemicals released in their brain is much higher than the average non-food addict enjoying a donut.

How We Help People Recover from Addiction and Alcoholism

Royal life understands that each of our guests doesn’t want to be where they are in there lives. Although they are consumed by their addiction and spend their time only caring about their next use, they are very unhappy. People that are not addicts don’t understand that an addict in active addiction is experiencing pure misery and insanity, and desperately want to quit using. We make sure to communicate this to family members, so they understand why their loved ones act the way they do.

In the battle against addiction and the accompanying stigma of addiction— knowledge is fundamental; without the right facts, addicts and alcoholics will continue to find it more challenging to recover. While this is and will always remain true, the most important aspect of any recovery program is willingness. Recovery is not something that can be convenient or easy. Even with all the right tools, resources, and information it is extremely challenging to recover from addiction. If you or someone you love feel like you are completely ready to surrender and recover to the disease of addiction give us a call today.

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