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Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!

Can I Hang Out With People Who Aren’t Sober?

If you’ve been sober for any period of time, you know how precious that time can be. Holding onto your sobriety for dear life should be priority number one at all times. Right from the start of your clean time, there were probably some things that you knew you should do. Go to meetings, get a sponsor, get a home group, get involved in the program, and above all, —no matter what,  don’t pick up. The “what” to do is pretty clear cut for those who want to stay sober. The more difficult task is figuring out what not to do, or what may be compromising to your sobriety.

The Most Important Rule

There is really only one golden rule when it comes to the “don’ts” of staying sober.Don’t pick up no matter what. No drinking and no drugging. Beyond that, sobriety is really open to interpretation. The easiest, and least painful way to figure out how to live a successful life of sobriety is to rely on the experiences of others. A sponsor or sober friend who has been sober for a longer period of time can offer invaluable advice. You may even find that someone close to you, who isn’t necessarily sober, may have some great suggestions.

Hanging Out with People Who Aren’t Sober

A common question that comes up for those in sobriety is “can I hang out with people who aren’t sober?” As with everything in sobriety, this will completely depend on your personal stability, preferences. and spiritual well-being. There is nothing inherently wrong with hanging out with non-sober friends, however, there are some things you should watch out for. If your friend is someone who you used to use with, and is currently using, it’s definitely not a great idea to hang out with them. Especially not in a private, one-on-one environment. If you’re really determined to see them, bringing a sober friend with you is a smart move.

A non-sober friend who is not an addict, and perhaps drinks occasionally, might be ok to hang out with. You may be ok getting lunch together while he has a beer, or you might be totally uncomfortable around alcohol in this scenario. There are countless other scenarios that will arise over the course of your sobriety, that you’ll have to decide if you’re ok with being around. The decision is ultimately up to you, and should be based on what you’re comfortable with. A good rule of thumb is if you have to second guess that you’ll feel safe, you should at least get another opinion. A sponsor is a great person to ask for their experience. As with any decision, it is your decision to make— we just hope to guide you to choices that protect yourself, your sobriety, and your new recovery lifestyle.

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