Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!
Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!

How To Support Your Friend in Drug Rehab

If you have gotten your friend into a drug rehab, you can rest assured that they are in good hands. Although the road ahead is not smooth sailing, like anything with life, it is much easier than the previous push-and-pull of their active addiction. If your friend or loved one is at Royal Life Centers, we are pleased to have them, and promise to return them renewed and confident in their abilities to build a happy, healthy, and successful life in sobriety.
Alcohol and drug addiction disrupts each aspect of life, which is why your loved one will need support as they learn a different way of life. Recovery from addiction requires patience and support from all ends, and being a good example and source of support is key in helping your friend understand how a healthy relationship works.
A healthy relationship should have reciprocity, or a healthy balance of give and take from each end. Chances are, your friend was not always there for you while they were in an active addiction. Allow your friend to use the new skills they are learning, and reach out to you with insight on how they will make an effort to show up better once they are out of treatment. We find it best to let these types of conversations come about organically, to give each side of the relationship some time to reflect before they decide to move forward.
Supporting someone in rehab can be tricky, especially because you don’t want to enable your friend in any way that could hurt his or her recovery. The best ways to support your friend in drug rehab are usually discovered during their recovery process, however, here are a few ways that are great ways to show your support in a loving and careful way:
• Set and maintain boundaries.
Boundaries will set the stage for the continuation of your relationship. Set limits that will protect yourself and protect the relationship by setting a few simple boundaries.
• Send them letters!
Handwritten letters are a sentimental way to keep in touch.
• Ask them.
Often, we are so worried about finding an answer, that we forget to just ask the question directly. Ask your friend how they would like to be supported.
•Talk to your friend and their therapist.
Even if it’s just during a scheduled phone call, use that time to ask your friend’s therapist how you can help and be supportive.
•Support their family.
Reaching out to your friend’s family is a caring way to show your support for the common goal of your friend getting better.
If your friend’s treatment center allows visitors, visiting your friend is a huge way to show that you are there for them. Even a short visit provides joy for your friend, and will show them that good friends show up for one another.
Addiction treatment like our comprehensive addiction treatment programs at Royal Life Centers teach our guests a new way of life. We encourage guests to rebuild their healthy relationships, and build a network of sober supports that are people they have met in sobriety. Our treatment approach is holistic, as we focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit for a full recovery. Our drug rehab centers are across the Pacific Northwest in Washington State, and the Southwest in Arizona. We treat drug or alcohol addictions using intensive therapies, including behavioral therapies.

Our Treatment Programs

Our treatment programs have short term and long term options, all to treat alcohol or substance use disorders and prevent relapse. We have both inpatient and outpatient treatment options, with programs that were designed to follow guests from medical detox, through the stages of their recovery. Our treatment programs at Royal Life Centers include: medical detox, a residential inpatient program, a partial hospitalization program (PHP), an intensive outpatient program (IOP), an outpatient program (OP), sober living and graduate housing.
All of our treatment programs use intensive therapies and offer physical wellness therapies. We use individual therapy sessions, group therapy, support groups, adventure therapy, activity therapy, and equine therapy. We use only proven effective methods of addiction treatment for drug and alcohol addictions. All of our programs provide behavioral therapies to stabilize mental health, because substance abuse and mental health go hand-in-hand. Royal Life Centers also has services for family members, to support the families of guests during and after their loved one’s journey to recovery.
If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, please reach out to our addiction specialists at (877)-RECOVERY or (877)-732-6837. Our team is available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because We Care.

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