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What is Outpatient Rehab for Alcoholism?


Alcoholism is also known as alcohol use disorder (AUD). More than fifteen million Americans over the age of 18 suffer with alcoholism. Countless others are affected by alcoholism, whether that be directly or indirectly.
An addiction to alcohol can be extremely hard to overcome, because of the availability of this substance. Alcohol is everywhere. Treating alcoholism is hard, because it is a legal substance that is commonly accepted in society. Many can appreciate going out for a drink after a long day at work, but alcoholism goes far beyond drinking when socially acceptable.
Alcoholics struggle with controlling their drinking, controlling how much they drink, and controlling themselves when they drink. Alcohol can cause a wide variety of consequences, ranging from impulsivity to legal troubles to health problems. Despite the range of consequences, alcoholics are unable to stop drinking without help.
Royal Life Centers is here to help you overcome alcoholism. We offer comprehensive addiction treatment that focuses on recovery of the mind, body, and spirit for lasting sobriety. Royal Life Centers provides treatment for alcoholism and other substance use disorders. We offer treatment programs at different levels of care, including inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. Our outpatient rehab option is designed to come after our inpatient programs, although first-time guests are able to join our outpatient rehab programming.

Effect of Alcohol

Alcohol alters brain chemicals, over time, this results in a chemical dependency. “Alcohol addiction is a gradual process that occurs within the human brain. When alcohol is consumed, it alters the levels of certain chemicals in the brain, mainly gamma-aminobutyric acid and dopamine…As more and more alcohol is consumed on a frequent basis, the brain begins to grow accustomed to this chemical imbalance. If an alcoholic tries to stop drinking, then the brain is deprived of the alcohol’s effect, which results in unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, shaking, tremors, or even hallucination” (American Addiction Centers).
Royal Life Centers offers medical detox services to address symptoms of withdrawal, safely removing alcohol from the body. Royal Life Centers detox facilities use medication-assisted treatment and intensive therapy to begin the work of addiction treatment. Withdrawal from alcohol can result in life threatening symptoms, which is why it is crucial to attend a medical detox facility. 24/7 supervision from medical professionals is needed to safely and comfortably remove alcohol from the body, especially when a dependence has been developed.

Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment

Those seeking treatment for an addiction to alcohol can choose between an inpatient or outpatient level of care. Though it is highly recommended to seek treatment for alcoholism in an inpatient level of care, many choose to attend outpatient services. Inpatient treatment can include attending a medical detox or our residential inpatient program.
At Royal Life Centers, we offer treatment options designed to follow our guests through the recovery process. Upon entering our treatment program, our guest is appointed to a primary therapist and a case manager, who they will collaborate with through out their treatment. Case managers will offer any assistance with external circumstances like legal troubles, while primary therapists will begin to work with our guests on self-discovery. Case managers also help guests in creating a treatment plan, which is tailored to best fit each guest’s personal needs and goals in recovery.
At all levels of care, our guests enjoy intensive therapy, with proven effective methods of addiction treatment. Royal Life Centers also offers physical wellness therapies, like: adventure therapy, activity therapy, and equine therapy. We offer the highest standard in addiction treatment, using only the best practices. We want to give guests the tools they need to build a healthy, happy life in lasting sobriety. We aim to give each guest confidence in themselves and their abilities to maintain sobriety. We give support at each stage of the recovery process, and long after completion of our programs. Royal Life Centers treats the mind, body, and spirit for a full recovery.
What is Outpatient Rehab for Alcoholism?
Outpatient rehab is in reference to our outpatient rehab programs, which includes our intensive outpatient program and our outpatient program. These types of outpatient treatment options are different. Our intensive outpatient services are part of Royal Life Center’s 9-week program, which transitions guests from a partial hospitalization program (PHP) to our intensive outpatient program (IOP). This 9-week program is designed to come before our outpatient program. Our outpatient program is a less structured, more flexible treatment option. Our treatment facilities have staff members that are knowledgeable about how to best support our guests, and are attentive 24/7 to take care of any needs that may arise. During our 9-week program, we also offer medication-assisted treatment on a case-by-case basis. For overcoming alcoholism, we offer naltrexone in medication-assisted treatment, which is a medication that treats alcohol dependence and is helpful in relapse prevention. Naltrexone, when used for overcoming alcoholism, lessens cravings for alcohol, and if alcohol is consumed while on the medication, it makes the consumption of alcohol undesirable to discourage further use.
Our outpatient treatment program includes intensive therapy, including individual therapy, group therapy, and physical wellness therapies. Outpatient treatment at Royal Life Centers is ideal for any guests with a busy schedule, but would still like to enrich their recovery and have support available to them. Behavioral health continues to be addressed in outpatient, alongside a treatment plan individualized to meet each guest’s goals and needs. We offer therapy to discover the root cause of substance abuse, and also focus on educating our guests on relapse prevention. Guests are able to use outpatient services to seamlessly transition back into independence, with confidence in their sobriety.
Alcohol Rehab
Our programs for alcohol rehabilitation include: medical detox, residential inpatient, partial hospitalization program (PHP), intensive outpatient program (IOP), outpatient program (OP), sober living and graduate housing. We also offer support for family members through out all of our treatment programs. Our residential treatment programs include medical detox and residential inpatient. Residential means that the guest will be living within the treatment center. Living in a rehab facility is beneficial for those who would like access to medical professionals 24/7. We offer outpatient rehab programs as well, which include intensive outpatient (IOP) and our outpatient rehab program (OP). Both outpatient rehab options include intensive therapies and provide a support network for guests as they are beginning to re-enter the “real” world. Rehab centers that claim comprehensive addiction treatment should offer a variety of treatment programs and services that help re-assimilate each guest back into a functioning, healthy and manageable life.
If you have any questions or concerns, or know anyone who needs treatment for their alcoholism, please contact our addiction specialists toll free at (877)-RECOVERY or (877)-732-6837. Our team is available to speak with you 24/7, Because We Care.

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