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Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!

What are the Most Effective Drug Rehabilitation Programs?

The most effective drug rehabilitation programs are programs that offer comprehensive addiction treatment. Comprehensive addiction treatment contains components including: mental health services, medical services, family services, financial services, housing and transportation services, vocational services, etc. Our programs at Royal Life Centers involve comprehensive addiction treatment. We offer programs that are designed to follow guests through the recovery process, offering support along the way.
Royal Life Centers offers programs at varying levels of care. Our medical detox services and residential inpatient programs are both inpatient treatment options. Royal Life Centers also offers a 9-week program that transitions guests from PHP or our partial hospitalization program, to IOP or intensive outpatient program. At all levels of care, Royal Life Centers offers support in every way.
Upon arrival to our treatment centers, our guests are given a case manager who will work with them to design an individualized treatment plan and handle any ongoing legal issues or services to assist guests in anything from getting government aid to receiving aid for their treatment. Guests will also be assigned to a primary therapist, which they will be working with during their stay with us. Royal Life Centers offers a variety of therapies, all are proven effective methods of addiction treatment.
Drug Rehabilitation
Drug and alcohol rehabilitation all begins with medical detox. A medical detoxification is necessary to remove substances from the body safely and comfortably. Effective treatment should always first start with a medical detox, as guests with alcohol use disorder and/ or substance use disorder must be under medical supervision 24/7 during the detox process to ensure their safety.
How We Treat Substance Abuse
Royal Life Centers treats substance abuse with multiple forms of therapy. We use individual therapy, group therapy, and physical wellness therapies for self-discovery and introspective reflection. Our rehab centers have highly trained professionals working 24/7 to offer support and tend to the needs of our guests. We use therapeutic methods like cognitive behavioral therapy to change the perspectives of our guests, and treat any co-occuring disorders they may have, like anxiety and depression. Our methods used are proven effective in the treatment of addiction. Our treatment programs are based around a holistic approach that treats the mind, body, and spirit. We provide full recovery for our guests, giving them the tools to build a healthy, happy, and successful life in sobriety.
Treatment Facility
Depending on the program, our guests could be considered in either inpatient or outpatient levels of care. Royal Life Centers suggests going through our treatment programs in the order of: medical detox, residential inpatient, PHP, IOP, OP, sober living and graduate housing. The success rate for alcoholics or addicts who enter an inpatient level of care is greater than one who does not. Our rehab facilities are designed to follow guests through out the recovery process, giving them the confidence in their long term sobriety.
Types of Outpatient
At Royal Life Centers, we offer both intensive outpatient and outpatient programs. Our intensive outpatient program is the last stage of our 9-week program. Our 9-week program begins guests in a partial hospitalization level of care, transitioning them into intensive outpatient, all while residing in our sober living facilities. Our outpatient rehab program offers guests the same support, while giving them less structure and more flexibility. Our outpatient program is ideal for those with busy schedules, and would still like to attend a drug rehab on some level. Our outpatient program allows for guests to attend therapy on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Guests in outpatient have the option of living in our graduate housing, or attend our programming from home.
Royal Life Centers uses intensive therapy and the highest standard of care to help our guests recover fully. We promote health in the mind, body, and spirit. Our approach is brought to life as guests have the opportunity to enjoy physical wellness therapies while also focusing on their recovery mentally and behaviorally. Our physical wellness therapies include adventure therapy, activity therapy, and equine therapy. We also offer an introduction to 12-step programs of recovery, which are accessible far beyond treatment, and are a great way for our guests to establish a sober support network. Our group therapy sessions broach the topics of emotional regulation, managing stress, building healthy relationships, how to balance life and recovery, relapse prevention, music therapy, coping skills, and more.
Royal Life Centers teaches guests how to create a healthy routine, conducive to recovery. We offer case management for guests to be assisted with legal issues and other services. Our guests also have many amenities available to them, including invaluable support from staff members and their peers. Guests will relearn life in a healthy way, with support to make important life decisions and tools to help regulate stress and emotions.
Royal Life Centers offers a new way of life, because addiction disrupts each and every aspect of life. We want to see each guest achieve happiness, health, and success in sobriety. Our Royal Life Centers Family is a never-ending support system for each guest as they move through recovery and beyond. Our alumni family often keep in contact with us, eager to share the success they have created. Our goal is to prepare each guest for independence, and give them confidence in their lasting sobriety.
If you or someone you know is struggling with a substance use disorder, or alcohol addiction, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our addiction specialists at (877)-RECOVERY or (877)-732-6837, our team makes themselves available to speak with you 24/7. We want to help you get your independence back, and live a happy and healthy life in sobriety.

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