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What are the Major Steps of Drug Addiction Treatment?

Alcohol or Drug Addiction

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) and substance use disorder (SUD) are growing issues in today’s society, with millions of Americans that struggle with substance abuse and only a small percentage seeking help. Rehabilitation centers exist to help those who struggle with a substance use disorder, from safely detoxing to learning a new way of life. The recovery process should include treatment programs that treat substance abuse and mental health, along with behavioral health and physical wellness. Royal Life Centers has a holistic approach that treats the mind, body, and spirit for full health and recovery.

The Major Steps of Drug Addiction Treatment

Alcohol or drug addiction treatment should always start with a medical detox. Medical detoxification is especially important for the physical health of our guests who have developed a physical dependence to alcohol or other substances. Most drug rehab centers just treat the withdrawal symptoms of their guests. At Royal Life Centers, we not only treat the withdrawal symptoms to keep guests as safe and comfortable as possible, but we also offer group therapies simultaneous to the detoxification process. We understand that our guests have a substance abuse problem, however, we also assess and evaluate guests for an co-occuring disorders and use medication-assisted treatment alongside our treatment of guest’s symptoms of withdrawal.
Following medical detox, you should be looking for inpatient rehab centers that offer intensive therapies to uncover the root cause of substance use disorder. Drug rehab programs that use medication-assisted treatment, or medication in combination with behavioral therapies, are proven effective in treating substance use disorder and any co-occuring disorders.
Both our residential inpatient facilities and outpatient services incorporate intensive therapy in each guest’s treatment plans. Royal Life Centers wants you to play an active role in your recovery, so we ask guests to create their own treatment plans in collaboration with their appointed case manager. In choosing your treatment plan, you will be able to choose which therapies will work best for you, even being able to pick topics of group therapy sessions that will be the most beneficial for you in your recovery. Therapy is a key factor in overcoming addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Our Treatment

Royal Life Centers is a comprehensive addiction treatment center. We offer varying levels of care that follow our guests through their recovery, teaching them what substance use disorder is and how to overcome it, preparing them for a successful life in lasting sobriety. Our levels of care are designed to be transitional, giving guests more responsibilities and freedoms along the way. Royal Life Centers offers medical detox, residential inpatient services, a partial hospitalization program (PHP), intensive outpatient programs (IOP), outpatient programming (OP), and sober living/graduate housing options.
The major steps of drug addiction treatment are getting physically well (medical detox), learning about substance abuse and its effects and recognizing why we turn to substances (psychotherapy), learning healthy ways to cope and relapse prevention (behavioral therapy), and self-discovery to find new hobbies and activities that bring you joy (adventure, activity, movement therapies). Through out drug addiction treatment, transitions between levels of care should occur to safely prepare guests for independent living, while giving them all the support they need through the recovery process.

A Program of Recovery

Traditional programs of recovery like 12-step programs are an integral part of longterm sobriety. Royal Life Centers introduces guests to a lifestyle of recovery by teaching them about 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gambler’s Anonymous, etc. These programs of recovery are not affiliated with Royal Life Centers or any other treatment centers, these programs of recovery are in the form of “meetings” that take place everywhere in the world, at any given time. These recovery programs are extremely important for those who wish to maintain sobriety, with the support of a community and accountability of other people who are living a life of recovery. 12-step programs teach addicts and alcoholics how to live a life of sobriety, integrity, and practice spiritual principles through out.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Our inpatient services are not a typical 30 day program. Royal Life Centers offers inpatient services in both our medical detox facility, as well as in our residential inpatient program. Our medical detox services can be for either a 4 or 8 day inpatient stay. Our residential inpatient program is a 2-week program that begins the work of recovery for substance use disorders. Our residential inpatient program encourages self-discovery and introduces guests to the tools they need to build a successful life in sobriety. At Royal Life Centers, our treatment includes various forms of psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, adventure/activity/movement therapy, and even equine therapy.

Outpatient Drug Rehab

Royal Life Centers has a wide variety of aftercare services. We offer a 9-week program that encompasses a transition from PHP to IOP, and then offers outpatient care once completing. During our 9-week program, guests have medication-assisted treatment available to them if needed. One common medication we use for medication-assisted treatment is naltrexone— which is effective in preventing relapse by reducing cravings significantly, blocks the effects of opioids, and discourages the consumption of alcohol by making the experience of drinking undesirable. Our outpatient services can be utilized for guests who have completed our 9-week program, or for new time guests. Outpatient services are a less structured, more flexible type of treatment. Guests in outpatient programming may choose to live in our Graduate Housing, or live at home.

We Can Help

Royal Life Centers can help you, no matter what stage of recovery you meet. We want to help you gain the insight and tools you need to create a happy, healthy life in sobriety. Please reach out to our addiction specialists if you have any questions or concerns for you or a loved one. Our team is available to speak with you 24/7 toll free at (877)-RECOVERY or (877)-732-6837.
Visit our website for more information, a list of our services, or a list of our locations. Our mission is to provide the highest standards in addiction treatment, only using the best practices that are proven effective. Because We Care.

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