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Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!

Sober Celebrity Steve-o Recalls Story from Addiction: Locked in Bathroom with Mike Tyson

This morning, USA Today posted a story about the now-sober Jackass star Steve “Steve-O” Glover doing drugs with former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson. According to reporter, Luke Kerr-Dineen, the famous drug addict shared colorful tales with GC last week about smoking loads of cocaine in an empty blunt while with the famous boxer for three hours. The experience in a bathroom at a party in Hollywood Hills led to a bond. The very next time the two celebrities spent time together was when they were both put away in a psychiatric ward. Steve-O now admits that his downfall stems from an awful addiction to drugs.

A Long Road to Recovery after Drug Addiction

One time in 2008, MTV executives kicked Steve-O out of the studios for drunken behavior. The next month, Jackass costar Johnny Knoxville received an e-mail from Steve-O hinting towards suicide. He was then confined to a hospital for two weeks. Upon release, an e-mail was written acknowledging that his drug use was hurting his loved ones. That summer, Steve-O was charged with a felony for possession of cocaine and had to check himself into rehab. A drug treatment program kept him out of jail. However, he soon returned to a mental ward after cocaine, ketamine, PCP and nitrous oxide gave him extreme mood swings.
The next year, MTV Steve-O: Demise and Rise. The documentary showed viewers how Steve-O’s personal life and career were affected by drugs and alcohol. Graphic and embarrassing footage was shown of the actor using. Soon after, Knoxville told The Times-Picayune that he was proud of his friend and costar for overcoming his addiction to drugs.

The Famous Drug Addict has Turned Over a New Leaf

As a vegan who meditates on a regular basis, Steve-O has been sober for 8 years he has overcome his dark addiction to drugs. The man continues his career in the spotlight as a stand-up comedian and an actor, even if there are no drugs or alcohol allowed on his sets. He and Tyson still remain friends. During the taping of 2011’s Comedy Central’s Roast of infamous Charlie Sheen and his drug addiction, funny man Steve-O deliberately ran full speed into his Tyson’s fist, resulting in a broken nose.

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