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Does A Geographical Change Help You Get Sober?

If you are looking for addiction recovery, there is no geographical cure. Addiction treatment is all about teaching those with an alcohol or substance use disorder a new way of living. Unfortunately, overcoming a drug addiction is not as simple as moving to a different location. The issue with addiction, is that it is deep rooted— affecting each aspect of your life and well-being. Alcohol rehabs and drug rehab seek to heal guests and provide them with the tools they need to build a happy, healthy, and successful life in sobriety.
No matter what type of addiction you suffer with, changing locations will not fix the problem. Addiction is an internal problem, it is not dependent on external factors. So no matter where you move locations to, you are bringing yourself with you— changing nothing but the scenery.

Seeing Addiction as an Internal Problem

Addiction is an internal problem, which requires intensive therapies to uncover its root. Addiction permeates through out your thoughts, actions, and behaviors— which is why addicts need addiction treatment to work on their problems. Despite where you go, you bring yourself with you. And if you have unresolved issues, you will be able to recreate unmanageability and the same negative lifestyle regardless of the presence of drugs or alcohol. Alcohol use disorder and substance abuse affect a person’s behaviors all-together, which is why intensive therapies to assist in introspective reflection are key. We identify problem behaviors, patterns, and tendencies of each guest, to equip them with the proper insight and coping skills to stay sober and ultimately change the way they live. Royal Life Centers uses cognitive behavioral therapy to challenge thought patterns, as well as group therapies, individual therapy sessions, adventure therapy, activity therapy, and equine therapy.

People, Places, and Things

If you have ever looked into addiction recovery, I’m sure you have heard about the need to change people, places, and things in order to facilitate a new lifestyle. Because the people, places, and things relevant to addicts in their active addiction are often toxic to their successful recovery, they are asked to thrive in a different environment. The notion of staying away from harmful or triggering people, places, and things is most important to stand by in early sobriety— which is why our guests are shown how to build a strong sober support network and create a healthy environment conducive to their recovery. Changing people, places and things can be done in the very same city, just by rebuilding your presence through frequenting different restaurants, parks, engaging in healthy new hobbies, and spending time with a supportive group of new friends who will not enable you.
Despite where you go geographically, you can gravitate towards the negative or wrong people, places, and things. Although you may be far away from your original triggers if you move, an addict can recreate their unsavory environment no matter where in the world they go. This is why it is important to restructure your life, making friends with those who will support you and also hold you accountable, getting involved with the community, spending time doing healthy hobbies that make you happy, etc. A drug rehab center should be able to assist guests in setting up their lives for successful sobriety; teaching them how to build a support network, ask for help when they need it, engage in healthy hobbies, and continue to care for their mental health, are all tools that our guests will have to prevent relapse.

Rehab Programs

Royal Life Centers has a variety of treatment programs, both short term and long term, from an alcohol detox to sober living options. Our treatment options were designed to follow guests from medical detox, easing them through the recovery process at every stage. Drug abuse takes over your life in every aspect, which is why Royal Life Centers shows you how to rebuild your life— strongly rooted in recovery. We teach guests how to create a healthy and happy environment for them to thrive in, no matter where they choose to go after getting sober. We believe that once the work of recovery has healed your mind, body, and spirit, and you have gained insight and tools along the way that you’re ready to practice, you can go anywhere you’d like to continue your sobriety. The real work of addiction treatment is an internal healing process, which during and after, your external factors will be adjusted with the new mindset you carry.

Does a Geographical Change Help You Get Sober?

Initially, changing locations to attend a medical detox center or inpatient facility that is not close to the people, places, and things that are harmful to your recovery, is helpful in getting you sober. We maintain that sobriety is attained and maintained by you alone, not any environment— although there are definitely better environments that are conducive to recovery, which has little to do with the surroundings and more to do with their make-up. Addiction treatment will teach you how to create a healthy environment around you, showing you how to protect your sobriety and avoid warning signs. Changing locations geographically does not help anyone get sober, only that person along with comprehensive addiction treatment and support will help that person get sober. Family members should keep this in mind, as many times they view treatment options that are far away from home as more appealing for their loved one, however— their loved one will thrive in any geographic location if they so choose to work with recovery instead of against it.

What Does Help You Get Sober?

What helps you get sober is ultimately, having the willingness to get sober and having the willingness to make the changes that will keep you sober. In addition to willingness, a good sober support network to rely on is key. Support from professionals, like our highly-trained staff members at Royal Life Centers will also help. Intensive therapy to better understand yourself, your behaviors, and the way you present yourself will also give you the insight into yourself that will help you get sober. Coping mechanisms like therapeutic activities, deep breathing, meditation, creating artwork and music, journaling, etc. will help you get sober and maintain sobriety. Royal Life Centers gives guests all the tools they need in order to build happy, healthy, and successful lives in sobriety. Highly-trained professionals and proven effective methods of addiction treatment will ultimately help you the most in your journey to sobriety.
If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, please don’t hesitate in reaching out to our addiction specialists at (877)-RECOVERY or (877)-732-6837. Our team is available to take your call 24/7. Because We Care.

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