Digital Addictions: A Look into Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD)

internet gaming disorder , digital addiction

In the digital age, people are spending more time online than ever. But what happens when these activities become an addiction? Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) is a type of digital addiction that has been gaining recognition around the world as a mental health disorder. In order to prevent IGD, it is important to understand the […]

Rehab Or Work?

rehab, work

Work is an important part of any successful life— after all, it’s the American dream. Providing for yourself, your family, whatever the circumstances, is priority number one for most people. That being said, it’s important to understand the risks of untreated addiction. Seeking medical help within an alcohol and drug rehab is infinitely more important […]

Opioid Addiction Rates Drop As Alcohol Abuse Soars

From 2018 to 2020, the Vista Research Network recorded guest attendance within their treatment network, noting the addiction rates and primary drug of choice driving each individual’s substance use disorder. Their data cataloged a notable shift in the leading drug of choice of guests participating in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Within three years, the percentage […]

Ways To Help Addicted Parents

addicted parents

It’s utterly devastating to watch a parent fall victim to addiction. Addiction leads to pain and destruction, and no one should have to stand by as their mother or father suffers. If you are wondering how to help your addicted parents find the help they need, we’ve got you covered. Signs Of Addiction in Addicted […]



Today, addiction treatment utilizes several different techniques to promote mental healing in addition to physical healing, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). However, not many people understand the difference between them. For this reason, here is an overview of “DBT Vs CBT”.  What Are The Types Of Behavioral Therapies?  Behavioral […]

What is the food like in drug rehab?


We realize the importance of good nutrition in early recovery, which is why all Royal Life Centers detox and inpatient treatment facilities employ the finest chefs and kitchen staff. The freshest ingredients and careful preparation go into each meal we serve. While in detox and residential treatment, guests enjoy three nourishing meals a day, and […]

How To Start Your Recovery in 2021

Start sobriety

So you’ve decided to start recovery in 2021. Congratulations! The first step to start your recovery is admitting you are addicted to a substance. Whether you hit rock bottom or had a moment of clarity sitting in traffic, you can finally admit you have a problem. Wonderful. Keep in mind, admitting you have a problem […]

CBD: A Game Changer?


CBD: An In-depth Look In all likelihood, you have probably heard the word ‘CBD’ thrown around in your day-to-day life. You may have seen shops opening up around your city, or have a coworker or loved one talking about it. You may have seen posters or brochures for CBD at your doctor’s office, especially if […]

Financial Planning: Reducing Debt


Reducing Your Debt So, you’ve taken time to review your budget and you’ve made cuts where you can. Now, let’s talk about how to reduce your overall debt. This is the next step toward improving your credit and financial wellness. For many Americans, financial debt is crippling. Credit cards, student loans, medical bills. You may […]

Surviving Quarantine Fatigue


Our Lives Have Changed Back in December, did you get a little bit excited to start the new “Roaring 20s” ? That seemed to be the common theme for New Years Celebrations. This was supposed to be one for the history books! Well, in a lot of ways, it did make history, didn’t it? Our […]