Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!
Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!

Heroin Addict Whose Story Touched President Obama Succumbs to Drug Addiction

In October, an emotional President Obama was moved by former West Virginia state senator David Grubb and his daughter’s fight against drug addiction. At a forum to discuss the opioid epidemic in Charleston over the fall, Jessica Grubb’s heroin addiction became national news as her father told Obama about her addiction in front of countless viewers. In and out of drug rehab for more than 6 years, the 30 year old woman passed away from an overdose earlier this month. Regardless of Jessica’s dark past with drug abuse, the cause of death was caused by the pain medication known as oxycodone being injected into her veins. People who knew Jessica best describe her as a loving, graceful and beautiful soul. She was a role model student with a promising career in politics. In 2003, the young leader headed numerous students in a walk out at her high school to protest the war in Iraq. According to her father, she was an extremely successful self-starter who carried on the family tradition of political power. Unfortunately, the girl with such a promising future began using heroin when she came home to visit from college at the University of North Carolina at Asheville in 2009.

Trying to Prevent a Fatal Drug Overdose

Jessica spent the next 7 years in and out of rehab four different times for consistent drug abuse. She even stole money from her folks to support her habit. When Jessica first overdosed in August of 2015, she was found with a needle and a tourniquet around her arm. David Grubb and his wife knew that these kinds of drug overdoses occur, they just never thought it would or could ever happen to them.
Despite the support of Obama and countless strangers, Jessica’s was not able to overcome her disastrous addiction to drugs. “Nothing can lessen our overwhelming grief and sadness over Jessica’s death, but the many letters, cards, and messages from friends and family are truly appreciated,” David Grubb posted on Facebook. The father of five daughters also posted Obama’s heartfelt letter. “The love she brought to all those whose lives she touched will endure as a reflection of who she was and of what guided her in her heart and in her soul,” wrote the President.

How You Can Stop Drug Abuse

Every year, more than 100,000 heroin addicts are admitted into rehab. On top of behavioral therapy, other prescription drugs, like methadone and buprenorphine, are effectively being used to counter heroin’s nasty withdrawal symptoms.
Another crucial part in heroin recovery is support from loved ones. Strong encouragement from family and friends makes the long journey to recovery possible. It does no good to assign blame or pass judgement on a recovering addict. Professional help can often be the difference between life and death.
The best rehab center available to men, women and children today is Royal Life Centers in South Florida. Whatever the substance, our qualified team of professionals gives addicts the physical and mental power to stop using before a lethal drug overdose. The facility’s client centered care has been using an effective approach to the detox and stabilization process for years. Relying on clinical assessment and medical protocol, Royal Life Centers tailor our safe and effective programs to individuals’ personal requirements.
Royal Life Centers’ comprehensive drug detox program offers lifesaving help to those suffering from an untreated alcohol or drug addiction. Cleaning up may not be easy, but our skilled team of medical professionals, certified addiction therapists and psychiatrists make the rewarding venture worthwhile. So take that initial step to getting your life back by calling Royal Life Centers today at 1-877-RECOVERY. You do not have to travel down the long road to recovery alone.

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