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Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!

A Guide to Medical Detox: How to Make The Most Out of Your Detox Experience

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol can not only be dangerous, but under certain circumstances, deadly. For most, the first step when you stop using drugs and alcohol is a medical detox. Not only does a medical detox keep you safe from complications, it also keeps you comfortable during what can be a difficult process. Every person will have a unique experience in detox, but there are a few things to keep in mind to get the most of your personal detox experience.

The Detox Process

Before you even arrive to detox, you will likely speak to an intake specialist. They will ask you some basic questions, such as what substances you were using and how much. They may also ask your history of substance use and some other basic questions. It’s very important to be completely honest during this interview. This information is used in order to serve you best once you arrive to the detox facility. Knowing your history and what substances you’ve been using will expedite the remainder of the intake process. In turn, our medical professionals can administer the appropriate medications and get you comfortable more quickly.

Once you’re acclimated and comfortable, it’s important to remember your primary purpose while in detox. Getting well should continue to be the main focus of your stay. Attending all scheduled groups and appointments is a great way to educate yourself and show commitment to your sobriety. The only time it may be appropriate to skip groups and rest, would be early in your stay if you’re feeling sick or unwell. It’s important to notify a staff member anytime you cannot attend a scheduled group for medical reasons.

Once you begin to feel better, you’ll probably begin to socialize and make friends with the fellow guests. Stay focused and stick with the people who are also serious about their recovery. There will inevitably be those who are only there for a quick fix or to satisfy a court program or spouse. These people will not take recovery or treatment seriously at all, and are toxic to those who want long-term sobriety. Remember that you are there for yourself; keep your eye on the prize.

Reach Out

If you’re looking for a quality medical detox, Royal Life Centers has outstanding facilities available in three different north-west locations. All of our locations hold multiple accreditations, meaning we are held to the highest industry standards. We offer a four or eight-day detox, depending on your individual needs and circumstances. Our staff of treatment professionals are available 24/7 to take your call and answer any questions you may have about detox, or any of our programs. Call us now at (877)-732-6837 or 877-RECOVERY. Because We Care.

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