20 Ways to Have Fun in Sobriety

ways to have fun in sobriety

In addiction recovery, many of our guests discuss a loss of identity, they exclaim that they don’t know who they are or what they’ll do in recovery because they cannot picture themselves without alcohol or drugs in their lives. Many guests are confused about how to have fun in sobriety, saying that the ways they […]

Does A Geographical Change Help You Get Sober?

geographical change

If you are looking for addiction recovery, there is no geographical cure. Addiction treatment is all about teaching those with an alcohol or substance use disorder a new way of living. Unfortunately, overcoming a drug addiction is not as simple as moving to a different location. The issue with addiction, is that it is deep […]

A Heroin Vaccine?

heroin vaccine

Heroin is a highly addictive illicit drug under the classification of opioids. Currently, there is an opioid crisis in the United States. From 2002 to 2016, annual deaths from heroin alone increased 533% nationwide. Heroin is becoming more and more dangerous, especially with the addition of chemicals being used to “cut” the substance, like fentanyl […]

12 Benefits of a Long Term Treatment Program

benefits of long term treatment

Long term addiction treatment can set you up for lasting sobriety. At Royal Life Centers, we treat drug and alcohol addiction holistically, treating the mind, body, and spirit for long term recovery. Substance use disorder disrupts all aspects of life, so part of recovery is teaching a new way of life. Long term treatment programs […]

What Are Boundaries and How Do I Set Them?


What Are Boundaries? Boundaries are basically a verbal confirmation of what you will or will not be willing to do or accept from others. Boundaries can be protective of psychological, emotional, or physical needs. Boundaries can vary from emotional to physical, and should be set firmly with no room for the other person to cross […]

The Spiritual Principles of Recovery: 12 Ways You Can Practice Them Every Day

spiritual principles of recovery - spiritual principles - spirituality - gratitude - brotherly love - service - persistence - faith - hope - love

The spiritual principles of recovery are a guide to fulfillment and strength in recovery that correspond to the original 12 steps of 12 step recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Gambler’s Anonymous, and so on. These principles are laid out as a path for those looking to gain spiritual growth and personal […]

Why Abstinence Does Not Mean Recovery

program of recovery

Royal Life Centers provides comprehensive addiction treatment. We have addiction treatment centers that offer programs to follow our guests through the recovery process, and allow them to form their own program of recovery. Alcohol use disorder and substance use disorder disrupts each aspect of life, which is why once the substance is removed, we often […]

12 Ways to Better Your Recovery

12 ways to better your recovery

Through out the recovery process, you should be doing things to better yourself. Addiction recovery is all about learning a new way to live, free from the constraints of drugs and alcohol. At Royal Life Centers, we support healthy habit-making that allows our guests to feel balanced and cared for. There are many ways to […]

50 Ways To Cope Instead of Using a Substance

ways to cope

You’ve probably heard of coping skills, but often times those addicted to drugs or alcohol have a hard time finding other ways to cope with their emotions. At Royal Life Centers, we used a variety of therapies to teach you a new way of life. Our programs are based around building a new way of […]

5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness


Comprehensive addiction treatment like the treatment programs we offer at Royal Life Centers can be intensive. We use intensive therapy to treat substance use disorder and alcohol use disorder. It is extremely important in recovery to recognize and process emotions for emotional, spiritual, and mental health. At Royal Life Centers, we encourage healthy habits and […]