Recovery Is Taking New Approaches to Old Problems

recovery - addiction recovery - new approaches to old problems - problem solving

One of the pieces of clutter you bring with you into recovery is years or even a lifetime of poor problems solving. Look at the diagram below:   .                 .                 . .                 .                 . .                 .                 . It’s called the nine-dot problem. The aim is to connect all the dots with four straight lines, […]

10 Ways to Fellowship After a Meeting

how to fellowship - fellowshipping - the meeting after the meeting - the meeting before the meeting - fellowship - fellowshipping

Anyone who has been a part of a 12-step fellowship knows, there is far more to the typical hour-long meeting. There is the customary hour-long meeting of course, where you might hear a speaker or perhaps share on a topic as a group. However, the real fellowship comes alive during the meeting after the meeting, […]

Jon Snow (Kit Harington) Goes to Rehab

jon snow - kit harington - jon snow goes to rehab - kit harington goes to rehab - mental health - substance abuse - alcoholism - game of thrones

Game of Thrones star Kit Harington chose to check himself into rehab, in response to overwhelming stress he felt from the messy character arc of Jon Snow. After playing the character of Jon Snow for eight years on the extremely popular HBO series Game of Thrones, Harington was hit hard with the way his character’s […]

Progress, Not Perfection

Progress not perfection

Recovery isn’t a test to anything besides your willingness. Recovery requires you to be willing: willing to admit powerlessness and unmanageability, willingness to try, willingness to change, willingness to take suggestions, even willingness to fail. The road to recovery isn’t going to be smooth-sailing just because you put down the drink or drugs, it requires […]

The Gifts of Addiction Recovery

Recovery is marked by changes. Transformative changes. Basically, in recovery, you are re-learning how to live— you are building a new lifestyle that is free from the constraints of drugs and alcohol. In recovery, you will be discovering more and more about yourself and your character, goal-setting, and taking in different coping skills and tools […]

The Company You Keep in Addiction Recovery

You always hear about how important it is to surround yourself with good people, but why? It seems pretty self-explanatory, you should be hanging out with people who are doing the right thing, have something interesting to say, and lift you up instead of agreeing to let you be down. Co-miserating is common in addiction […]

An Interview with Frankie LoCascio

Frankie LoCascio works here at Royal Life Centers, in the marketing department. Frankie, like many of our staff members, is in recovery himself. We decided to sit down and interview him, so that we could share his story of experience, strength and hope, with you. We asked Frankie twenty questions about addiction and recovery. Here […]

Spiritual Growth in Addiction Recovery

Addiction affects you biologically, psychologically, socially and spiritually. For this reason, we use a holistic treatment approach—which tends to the mind, body and spirit. Spirituality and spiritual growth is essential in both addiction treatment and recovery. Recovery is supported by spirituality. What is Spirituality? “Spirituality is the experience and integration of meaning and purpose in […]

Constantly Counting Sheep: Sleep Disorders and Drug Addiction

Drug addiction affects many factors, including your overall health and wellness. One of the factors mostly affected by addiction is your brain’s functioning, which drugs and alcohol disrupt and distort its natural system programming— like your circadian and diurnal rhythms, rewards system, and chemical balance. Addiction not only affects your circadian and diurnal rhythm, but […]

The Only Web You’ll Want to Spin: Having a Support System in Early Recovery

support network - sober support - support system

Let’s face it, in active addiction, you probably didn’t care so much about letting people into your life, mostly because it was just another person to hide your use from. As alcoholics and addicts, keeping people at a distance was the way you operated. As a result of your alcoholism or drug addiction, your interpersonal […]