Am I in a Toxic Relationship?

Toxic Relationship

If you’re trying to figure out whether or not your relationship is toxic, you may already have the answer to your question. Nine times out of ten, if you are asking yourself “am I in a toxic relationship,” that is not a positive sign.   If you are wondering if your relationship is toxic, here […]

Parents Passing Down Addiction

Adult Children of Alcoholics, Alcoholic Parents

Hello, my name is Allie Kraska, Content Creator for Royal Life Centers. Member of ACOA since 1996. Between sips of caffeine and railing at god, I write for your entertainment and insight. Since I’m here every day, I figured it might be nice (if not a tad egotistical) if I share a bit about myself. […]

Texting for Mental Health: The Crisis Text Line

crisis text line - mental health - support - texting in crisis

The Crisis Text Line is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on providing counseling to people in crisis. People in crisis can reach the Crisis Text Line by texting “HOME” to 741741, and counseling will be available to them 24/7. Texting the Crisis Text Line will result in a well-trained crisis counselor helping you process, evaluate, […]

The Toxic Relationship Between Depression and Addiction

Depression and addiction

It’s no surprise that depression and addiction are closely related, as both conditions feed into each other in addition to having a cause and effect type of relationship. The toxic relationship between depression and addiction is hard to understand, as many symptoms of both conditions are similar in nature. When looking into a mental health […]

How To Organize Your Thoughts in Addiction Treatment

During addiction treatment, you will experience a volume of thoughts and feelings following the experience of getting back a clear mind. One of the best gifts in sobriety is gaining clarity. With a clear mind, you are now able to think and feel clearly, which will provide you with the opportunity to make positive changes. […]

The Emotional Spectrum

The emotional spectrum in addiction recovery

Many people feel overwhelmed when it comes to exploring their emotions, as they could feel a million different ways or not able to identify really how they’re feeling. In recovery, one of the greatest gifts (and challenges) is getting our emotions back. Active addiction leaves us in a state of numbness, where we may have […]

What Does My Childhood Have to do with My Drug Addiction?

childhood trauma and addiction

Children learn how to live as they grow up. Children learn dynamics and how to do many things, including: how the world is, how to express emotion, how to communicate, how to behave, and how to cope. There are many factors that influence a child’s ability to do learn, what the child learns, and how […]

Give Yourself a Break: How to Mentally Detox in an Addiction Treatment Center

mental detox

In addiction treatment, intensive therapy will bring up a lot of strong emotions and you may find yourself feeling somewhat drained if you’re not properly tending to yourself in between therapy sessions. In order to do a mental detox, these strong emotions need to be brought up; the only way to cleanse your mind is […]

What Are Personality Disorders and Do I Have One?

personality disorders

What is a Personality Disorder? A personality disorder is a distinctive set of inflexible and unhealthy traits, patterns, and behaviors that influence our overall character. Our personality affects how we perceive the world, our thoughts, attitudes, and feelings. People with a personality disorder have deeply ingrained beliefs of the world that narrow their view and […]

20 Prompts for Journaling in an Addiction Treatment Center


Journaling is a therapeutic activity that’s actually used in our comprehensive addiction treatment programs. Journaling is the perfect therapeutic activity to complement our forms of intensive therapy at Royal Life Centers.Through journaling, guests are able to better connect with their emotions, record how they feel and react in the moment, and it provides introspective reflection. […]