Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!
Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!

Our Staff

Yolin Tapia

​Yolin Tapia

Executive Director

Yolin Tapia is the executive director for our inpatient and outpatient facilities in Lacey, Washington. She is an accomplished and goal-driven team member who offers 7 years of extensive experience with management and tactical business leadership. Offering expertise spanning business administration, case management, and achieving optimal results with competent planning, organization, and solution-oriented approach while driving business growth probability and strategic alliances. As a diplomatic leader and analytical thinker, Yolin Tapia is able to inspire and cultivate productive working relationships with team members and company partners.

Previously the director of operations for our detox and residential facility in Sumner, Washington, Yolin has been a dedicated and integral part of the Royal Life Centers team for years. Prior to that, Yolin worked as our case manager in Lacey, assessing their needs and counseling them during early recovery. Having key experience in case management, Yolin is well-adept in the daily functions within our facilities. Throughout her various roles, she’s collaborated with the full range of professionals in this field. For instance, she has collaborated with doctors, clinicians, CEOs, business development teams, administrative staff, and of course, our wonderful guests.

Her ability to assist others during important life decisions translates perfectly within her role as executive director. Yolin is an expert in successfully developing and implementing improvements in productivity, efficiency, and performance. Yolin Tapia’s proven dedication to Royal Life Centers, complemented by her ability to provide critical assistance to guests in need, contributes immensely to the success of our day-to-day functions.