Our Personalized Care Services

Countless people go to rehab each year, and they are considered the lucky ones— only 10% of those struggling with a substance use disorder are fortunate enough to receive help in addiction treatment. Royal Life Centers is dedicated to the healing of our guest’s mind, body, and spirit during their stay in our treatment programs. It is through our personalized care services that we provide holistic, individualized treatment for each and every guest.

Factors that Influence Addiction

Before understanding why personalized care is necessary to addiction treatment, it is necessary to comprehend the inner workings of addiction. In fact, while most of the substances abused are similar regarding their uncontrollable nature, they impact the body differently. For example, an opioid addiction looks completely different from methamphetamine addiction. Chemically dependent people have a unique personal history, coexisting health conditions, and social factors that lead to their drug abuse.

Family History

In the same way that tall parents typically have tall children, addiction can be passed down to addicted adult children. In other words, some people are predisposed to addiction because they have a family history of chemical dependence. 


Addiction has no exact timeline. The rate at which you become addicted to a substance is determined by genetics, individual body chemistry, the substance of abuse, the amount abused, and the period of time the substance is abused. For instance, some people start abusing drugs or alcohol slowly and then build up a tolerance and dependence over time. However, other people can grow dependent in weeks or months.


Environmental factors contribute to the risk of substance use disorders. To clarify, people living in a negative social environment are commonly at a higher risk to abuse substances. For instance, people who come from an abusive household may self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to block out their trauma. 

Co-occurring Disorders

Most people who suffer from addiction have a mental illness that leads to substances abuse. Similarly, many addicted people have co-occurring substance use disorders, medical disorders, psychiatric disorders, and other co-existing disabilities. For example, a person struggling with depression may drink alcohol as a coping mechanism. Additionally, those who suffer from chronic pain may receive an addictive pain killer prescription and fall victim to addiction.

Individualized Addiction Treatment

It is vital for treatment programs to acknowledge each individual’s unique battle with drugs and provide personalized care services. Retaining an individualized program for each guest takes their internal and external influences into account while constructing the personalized care services to ensure a successful recovery.

It is very difficult to create a one size fits all form of addiction treatment because addiction development is multifactorial. At Royal Life Centers, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, which is why our programs are completely individualized. Royal Life Centers adheres to all of the individualized approaches in personalized care services.

Personalized care services include:

  1. Offering multiple therapy options
  2. Realizing that individualized treatment is a must
  3. Assessing all aspects of the person
  4. Addressing the individualized treatment plan during the entire rehab process in order to manifest necessary changes
  5. Using medications where applicable
  6. Treating co-occurring disorders
  7. Monitoring substance use
  8. Addressing relapse prevention
  9. Testing for infectious diseases
  10. Medically supervised detox while rehab begins

Individualized therapy within personalized car services include:

  1. Relapse prevention educational programs
  2. Individual recovery-sensitive cognitive behavioral therapies
  3. Family counseling that focuses on both interpersonal problem-solving skills and on effective communication.
  4. Group therapy offers peer support from people who are experiencing similar recovery processes
  5. Specialized group therapy

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