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Arizona Locations

detox center in arizona

Royal Life Centers at Arizona Detox

Known as “Everyone’s Hometown,” Prescott’s home to one of our drug and alcohol detox facilities and offers a stunning landscape, spectacular views, and outdoor activities. Our Royal Life Centers at Arizona Detox location provides guests a unique treatment experience— the rolling mountains, lakes, and trails of the temperate and scenic Prescott Valley make for the ideal rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, and biking spot— that is most conducive to early recovery. Our goal is that guests receive the finest drug and alcohol addiction treatment, and we believe that our location in the Prescott Valley underscores this dedication.

Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5

Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5 is our residential inpatient facility located in Prescott, a small, vibrant town that offers guests a variety of outdoor-oriented opportunities, such as rock climbing on the iconic Granite Dells, kayaking under canopies of pine trees, and hiking on some of the best trails in the country. These activities, in conjunction with our holistic approach to treatment and therapy programming, are designed to cultivate in guests the physical and mental health needed to begin recovery from substance use disorder and build lasting wellness and sobriety.

female residential treatment in arizona

Seaglass at Royal Life Centers

Seaglass at Royal Life Centers is our women’s recovery center located in Prescott, Arizona. Offering residential inpatient treatment, Seaglass is nestled amongst the serene landscapes of Prescott, Arizona. With idyllic sunsets and miles of greenery to spare, this magnificent Arizona treatment facility is a comforting, safe space for female guests to release themselves from the weight of addiction. Our female-oriented treatment plans provide each woman an empathetic and supportive environment to find their voice and heal from past traumas, making way for lasting growth and happiness in recovery.

Washington Locations

detox center in olympiaRoyal Life Centers at The Haven Detox

Royal Life Centers at the Haven is our medical detox facility located in Lacey, Washington, situated on the beautiful Puget Sound at the Western edge of the Cascades. RLC at the Haven offers guests the perfect opportunity to discover everything that makes the Pacific Northwest so spectacular— sparkling lakes, densely-forested parklands, miles of hiking and biking trails, and an adjoining 3,700-acre wildlife refuge.

Mt. Rainier is the perfect backdrop to early recovery and a range of outdoor activities, such as kayaking and equine therapy, that allow guests to take in the fresh air and escape the stress of everyday life.

detox center in tacoma wa

Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound

Our residential inpatient facility in Sumner, Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound is located on the edge of the Sound and provides the perfect place to continue recovery following detox. Sumner has several parks and trails where visitors can hike, bike, or kayak. The Sumner Link Trail offers views of the White River and Mt. Rainier and features picnic areas, trails, and exercise equipment, and the city hosts a number of events and activities year round. Most of our guests have completed medical detox at RLC at the Haven in Lacey before relocating to Sumner.

outpatient program in olympiaRoyal Life Centers at Sound Recovery

Our Sound location located in Lacey sits on Puget Sound at the edge of the Cascade Range. The lush, remote Pacific Northwest is the ideal spot for guests to continue their recovery following medical detox and residential inpatient treatment. The beautiful, open landscape inspired the design of Royal Life Centers at Sound, and we believe that it provides guests a safe, serene space to create a sober life. Nearly 20 percent of Lacey is used exclusively for park and natural area spaces, and the community is very outdoor-oriented, a healthy mindset for those in recovery to adopt.

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights is our detox and residential inpatient facility conveniently located in the northern part of Spokane. Known as “The Lilac City,” Spokane holds an annual lilac parade, and local attractions include Manito Park, the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, the Davenport Hotel, and the Fox and Bing Crosby Theaters. Several miles from our center is Riverfront Park, a 100-acre park located along the Spokane River that regularly hosts a variety of events and attractions and offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, such as kayaking, fishing, biking, and camping.

outpatient program in spokane waRoyal Life Centers at Cascade Heights

Our Cascade Heights location in Mead is just north of Spokane, where Mt. Spokane is accessible for skiing during the winter and biking and horseback riding during the summer. Surrounded by mountains and lakes, Mead is the perfect setting for an array of outdoor activities, such as fishing, hunting, and camping, and the ideal place to begin aftercare following detox and residential inpatient treatment. Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights was created to provide guests the best continuing care experience, and Mead’s remote location allows for a low-stress start to early recovery.

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