There are several terms for “Dayhab” including: Day Hab, Day Habilitation, Day Rehab, and Day Rehabilitation. Dayhab has three separate definitions following the introduction of what some call “Adult Day Care.” This Adult Day Care provides grown men and women group activities in which they can socialize and experience human interaction. Another type of Dayhab is the Day Service program that provides a safe and welcoming space for people suffering from disabilities to join together. These programs provide self-help, socialization, and communication skills.

The final type of dayhab, however, is a form of addiction rehabilitation. Dayhab is an outpatient program that provides those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction schedules to fit around their nightly work hours.

What is ‘Dayhab’?

In short, dayhab is an intensive outpatient program that offers a convenient and cost-effective approach to the management of alcohol and drug dependence. Additionally, dayhab is an extremely beneficial program for many people suffering from addiction who fear that going to rehab means they would have to sacrifice their job security.

The original dayhab drug and alcohol recovery program came in two forms:

  1. Intensive day drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment for adults
    • Rehab in the morning, work in the evening
  2. Day drug and alcohol rehabilitation for adolescents
    • Rehab with “bedside” tutoring
    • Designed for those unable to remain abstinent in an early intervention program

When looking into the different forms of drug and alcohol dayhab programs, it’s important to consider several factors. For instance, questions regarding the severity of your drug abuse— in relation to quantity, frequency, and level of dependence—  is beneficial in determining the appropriate program. Additionally, researching the dangers involved with your drug of choice in regards to the potential for relapse and life-threatening withdrawals can help steer you toward the correct facility. Essentially, the more you abuse drugs, the longer you abuse drugs, the level of negative impact on your life due to your drug abuse gives addiction specialists at individual dayhab centers an idea of the level of care you require to successfully heal from drug and alcohol addiction.

How Dayhab Works

The length of individualized dayhab treatment programs for substance abuse will vary from one treatment facility to another. However, dayhab programs typically last for four weeks. In addition, dayhab includes an aftercare program that can last up to two years. Credible dayhabs often offer a one-year program that is divided into three phases, or levels of care.

Phase I

Phase I is the initial period of dayhab in which guests will partake in intensive recovery-sensitive therapy sessions from four to five days a week. The programs last for roughly 8 weeks, during which guests are guided through the early stages of withdrawal and recovery. Likewise, addiction treatment introduces individual and group counseling to propel guests toward a lifetime of recovery. During cognitive-behavioral therapy, guests learn addiction education including the physical and emotional toll of addiction in addition to relapse prevention skills. Additionally, guests are provided nutritionally balanced meals to heal the physical damages caused by their addictions.

Phase II

Phase II of dayhab consists of bi-weekly therapy sessions over the course of four weeks. Throughout phase II, guests are reintegrated into their community outside the facility. In fact, during this level of care guests are advised to return to “normal life” while the facility prepares them for the many obstacles they may face.

Phase III

Phase III of dayhab is the start of the aftercare level of care which lasts for the remainder of the first year. Within phase III, or dayhab aftercare, guests meet once a week for therapy sessions to receive regular reminders of relapse prevention coping skills. In fact, the aftercare portion of dayhab is incredibly helpful in the anticipation of and preparation for possible triggering situations. Additionally, guests are encouraged to enlist the help of other regular self-help meetings (AA) (NA) during or following their time in phase III.

Does Dayhab Work for Addiction Recovery?

Dayhab is meant for people who suffer from addiction to a lesser extent than others. In other words, dayhab may be an appropriate option for those whose addiction has yet to consume them and destroy their lives. Additionally, dayhab is not ideal for individuals prone to relapse, or who have prior experience with relapse. As dayhab is a form of outpatient treatment, it is a lower level of care with less structure than an inpatient treatment program.

That being said, if you are at a comfortable point within your addiction recovery and you no longer require a high level of care with strict structure, yes, dayhab can work for you.

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