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Our Philosophy

No two individuals are exactly alike; therefore, your recovery process requires specific needs that are unique to your life experiences and personality. Centered in a holistic approach to the recovery of mind, body, and spirit, Royal Life Centers equips you with the tools needed to reclaim your life.

During all phases of our program, you will be in a safe and welcoming environment equipped with highly trained staff members who understand your emotional needs while embarking on this journey. During your time at Royal Life Centers, your specific needs are assessed to provide a tailored course of goals, addressing underlying wounds that have caused pain throughout the your life and discovering passions to fuel your recovery. Our course of treatment offers individual therapy, group therapy, medication management, and utilizes a variety of therapeutic approaches to healing. In addition, you will learn applicable life skills that are necessary in order to flourish in the world. You will collaborate with our experienced clinical staff to decide what approaches best benefit your recovery and your life. The beautiful, transformative growth that takes place at Royal Life Centers is a powerful testimony to the immeasurable value of having a voice in your own recovery.

Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today.


News & Articles

This journey has made me realize that I am worth so much more than just my weight. It's OK to be me, and I'm beautiful the way I am. I've also started working with Royal Life Centers, a drug and alcohol treatment service. There’s no greater feeling than seeing hope restored in someone wh...


Posted on 8/22/2016 By Jackie Chelly

Taking your hands out of your pockets, and extending them out to an addict in need, may be one of the hardest things for families and friends to do.  Why is that?  Don’t they want to help people they love? The simple answer is, “Yes.” The more common, and likely scenario,...


Posted on 8/12/2016 By Jackie Chelly

In the realms of recovery, it is often suggested to help others as a means to help yourself.  Yes, I am talking about service actions. Still there can be a discrepancy when looking at the motives leading to the desire to help others.  In short, it is not helpful, or ok really, to lend a he...


Posted on 8/9/2016 By Jackie Chelly

  I will never forget a conversation I had with my older sister, while still head-deep in a life of welcomed chaos.  The mother of two and I were discussing her day plans one Saturday morning.  She began by telling me that she and the kids were going to go to the pool.  Not impr...


Posted on 8/3/2016 By Jackie Chelly

  In early recovery the good news that “life continues to happen” can be a double-edge sword right?  True, it is an absolute blessing that the gift of life is restored and promised, but life, for everyone, holds both good and bad circumstances.  So how are you going to ge...


The Royal Life Centers Family

Testimonials From Past Guests

"Royal gave me support and helped me gain independence. This program allowed me to develop a foundation for my recovery as well as long term goals for myself. I am grateful to have had such an amazing and life-changing opportunity."
Samar M.

"I have learned so much about myself throughout this process. Easing into life and maintaining life skills."
Alex F.

"What I liked most about Royal Recovery Resources was the friendliness and courtesy of the staff. The willingness of the staff to help me when I had questions, the concern that was expressed in my recovery, and the help I was given to promote my recovery. The UA's and breathalyzer nightly forced me to stay clean. The staff and this establishment really care. Just do your part and don't use."
Orlando P.

"What I liked most about Royal was the services and support. I spent a lot of time here and thank God everyday for the place. I would like to remain anonymous but this place saved my life."

"Everyone who worked here was great. Always there to talk to. The rules also helped me a lot."
Barri P.

"What I liked most about Royal was the staff and the availability of resources such as the vans, computers, house meetings, etc. Royal is a great place to start your journey to a better life. The staff is amazing!"
Ross J.

"What I liked most about Royal Recovery Resources was the structure. The houses are very nice and clean. Frequent breathalyzers and UA's kept me accountable. Royal is awesome!"

"I like the structure of the environment and lovely staff the most at Royal. Great place to get familiar with the environment and with sober support. This place really helped me with learning to deal with the struggles in early recovery and staff was extremely helpful with all issues. Very structured for release to real world."

"This place is awesome. I honestly would not have made it these 6 months without the structure and guidance Royal provided for me. Words cannot express how thankful I am."

"There was not one staff member I did not like. EVERY member was polite and always helped me as much as they could. Royal was an incredible experience to learn accountability and grow with a great network of help."
Nicholas S.

"I really liked everyone and everything. I always felt respected and cared for. The other guests were good people as well as the staff. This has to be the nicest place and easiest way of going about getting sober."

"I have been to many places trying to find recovery and better my life. Royal was by far the most instrumental in helping me do so."
Durck C.

"I love almost everything about Royal. The staff became my family and I couldn't ask for a better support system. I'll miss ya'll so much!"
S. Bennett

"What I liked most about Royal was the friendly staff and safe environment. Everyone makes you feel at home. Best year of my life and an excellent experience."
Michael D.

"What I liked most about Royal Recovery Resources was the staff. They were always there for me when I needed them."
Patrick D.

"What I liked most about Royal was the amazing staff. They were very friendly, very understanding, and always there when you need them - they DON'T co-sign any bullshit."
Brandon B.

"Royal Recovery gave me the guidance and direction I needed in my early stage recovery process."
Paul C.

"Royal Recovery Resources helped me tremendously. I have found peace and serenity in my life for the first time."
Chris S.

"The staff genuinely cares about your well being, they do make sure you are doing the right thing."
Amanda P.

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