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Sober Companion

Sober companions are important allies in addiction recovery because they provide a personalized level of care that encourages lasting sobriety. They also help create an environment where the individual in recovery can explore their thoughts and emotions without judgment.  

As guests work through their unique recovery journey, sober companions can provide structure, accountability, and emotional support. While drug and alcohol rehab provides a safe space for individuals to process their emotions and practice healthy skills, sober companions can reinforce habits that lead to long-term success in sobriety. 

Sober Companion

What Is a Sober Companion?

Many people ask the question, “What is a sober companion?” In general, there are two fundamental types of sober companionship. The distinction between which type of sober companion you will have access to during treatment depends on whether or not you are in a quality substance abuse recovery facility. 

Types of sober companions include:

  1. Substance abuse counselors
  2. Self-help group sponsors

Essentially, the difference between the two types of sober companions is a matter of qualification and location. On one hand, substance abuse counselors are professionals trained and certified in addiction recovery counseling. 

On the other hand, self-help group sponsors are elective relationships that require little to no qualifications. Sponsors are often found in organizations like twelve-step recovery groups (think AA and or NA). Typically, these sober companionships are between an experienced person in recovery and a newly sober person.

What Are the Benefits of a Sober Companion?

A sober companion is a person who is hired to provide companionship and assistance for individuals struggling with substance abuse, drug addiction, and other related issues. Sober companions act as mentors and guides, helping their clients stay motivated and maintain sobriety. 

Sober companions can benefit recovery in many ways including:

  • Provide you with access to 24/7 support
  • Uphold your accountability measures
  • Accompany you on outings
  • Teach you coping skills
  • Connect you to resources in the community
  • Offer advice and guidance when you need it most

They may also provide transportation to meetings or appointments related to recovery. Sober companions can be used to help individuals transition back into their lives after a period of treatment, as well as prevent relapse in high-risk situations. 

Ultimately, they are there to give support, structure, and accountability so that you can achieve your goals in recovery.

Substance Abuse Counselors

The most common type is a sober coach or companion who will support you during your stay in a treatment facility, providing individualized attention and care that is tailored to your specific needs. In fact, these professional counselors often make for the best sober companions. This is because they will tailor your recovery to your individual needs and goals.

Substance abuse counselors are certified professionals found in addiction treatment centers. To aid in healing addiction, professional sober companions provide experience-based care to individuals in early recovery. For instance, these sober companions can utilize their qualifications and experience in substance abuse treatment to offer time-tested recovery maintenance techniques. 

Oftentimes, these substance abuse counselors also have personal experience in recovery. As a result, they can guide you through the recovery process with valuable insight and a refreshing, personal take. Some of these sober companions specialize in counseling, case management, trauma-informed care, or coaching to further enhance their services. Additionally, many have years of experience working with communities including LGBTQ+ members, Native Americans, or individuals experiencing mental health issues.

Companionship and Connection During Rehab

At Royal Life Centers, most of our counselors have personal recovery experience alongside their professional experience. This allows for the empathy and relatability necessary for a powerful sober companion connection. 

Each counselor has an expansive knowledge of addiction and recovery, making sure to answer all questions and soothe all doubts. Within our facilities, counselors are skilled in communication and integration, using person-to-person issues as learning experiences for our guests.

Self-help Group Sponsors

Joining addiction recovery groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can be a daunting and intimidating process for those working through early recovery. Having a sober companion, also known as a sponsor, can be an invaluable resource. 

These sober companions offer guidance and support that can help individuals to successfully overcome their addiction. To do so, they share their own personal experiences of recovery, which can help you understand how to manage your own addiction problems. Another perk of having a sponsor is the ability to access their connections within the recovery community. This can be a big help in accessing the help and resources you need to fully overcome your addiction.

In general, sponsors are there to help you stay on the path to recovery. More than anything, these companions can help you get through the tough times and help hold you accountable for staying sober.

Support From People Who Have Been There

Peer support provides a unique experience of support, connection, and accountability during a solid recovery. These are the main reasons why sober companions are vital to the recovery process. In a time when you need total focus and determination, sober companions can offer help. By providing you with guidance and structure, sober companions outline a clear path toward your recovery goals. 

It is important to note, a sober companion will not dictate how you will live your life. Instead, they take your aspirations and reflect them back onto you. This is great for when you need a reminder of why you chose to recover. Our sober companions help our patients find purpose, passion, and community. In doing so, you are able to go from surviving and managing substance abuse to thriving and living. 

How Do Sober Companions Help In Addiction Recovery?

The biggest obstacle to recovery is often the anhedonia or boredom, which accompanies early sobriety. Anhedonia is the inability to experience pleasure and is a common symptom following a drug and alcohol addiction. In addition, people in early recovery also experience an attention deficit, making it difficult to focus on recovery.

Unfortunately, people struggle to stay abstinent during the early stages of recovery due to the lack of focus and inability to feel pleasure caused by their addiction. Without a knowledgeable sober companion to guide you through difficult periods within your recovery, the potential for relapse increases exponentially.

Encouragement and Recovery Coaching

Sober companions act as your recovery coach. Like a typical coach, sober companions embody your game plan for recovery. In doing so, they help you develop relapse prevention skills, recovery maintenance skills, and life skills, all while building up your self-confidence.

A sober coach provides information and encouragement for people and families in order to combat drug addiction, alcoholism, and associated mental illness. In reality, a recovery game plan is only as good as your determination to execute it. However, having a sober companion by your side increases the probability of success.

By accepting the help of a trained professional, you allow for honest conversations regarding your addiction. Talking about the reasons behind your addiction can bring forth previously unimaginable healing and growth. It also enables the sober companion to provide critique regarding patterns and actions that are acted out unconsciously. 

Your relationship enables personal growth as you see an outside perspective on your actions. Recovery always benefits from open, honest communication. In fact, sober companions can make in-the-moment suggestions to better help your recovery following a triggering experience, which is far better than an after-the-fact conversation.

Sober Companions At Royal Life Centers

At Royal Life Centers, we take pride in our ability to provide not only the best care available but also the highest levels of support when it comes to your sobriety. We understand that staying sober is a challenging process and that having someone there along the way can make all the difference. Our compassionate and knowledgeable counselors are here to help you on your road to recovery. They will provide personalized care during your stay and aft 

Whether you need help with addiction treatment, mental health treatment, or dual diagnosis treatment, our staff will be there every step of the way. We know that no two people’s paths to sobriety are the same, and we strive to meet each individual’s needs with personalized care that is tailored specifically for them.

We provide comprehensive therapies in a safe and supportive environment that can help you gain insight into the source of your addiction and develop the tools necessary for long-term recovery.

Accountability Measures In Rehab and Recovery

Our company policies reflect our mission to help and heal those in our care, as well as those who work with us. As a result, our guests can trust that their sober companions incorporate their recovery advice into their own personal recoveries and lives.

In order to instill facility-wide responsibility and accountability, we perform random, supervised urine drug screens at all of our rehabs and offsite administrative offices for staff and guests. We believe it is vital to ensure that all of our employees are clean and sober. This is especially important as many of our staff members are in recovery themselves. 

Alumni Communities and Sober Companions

Sober companions are not only helpful during rehab but they will also continue to help you after complete treatment. In a lot of cases, they will provide ongoing support and accountability to help ensure your lasting success.

For this reason, Royal Life Centers incorporates the idea of a sober companion within our alumni services. As guests graduate from our treatment programs, our alumni coordinators continue to provide support and guidance. 

This may include weekly check-ins or one-on-one meetings in order to stay on top of your recovery goals. They can also provide referrals, resources, and any other assistance you may need throughout your journey of recovery. Ultimately, they want to help you remain sober and reach your long-term recovery goals. 

Ongoing Recovery Maintenance

Here at Royal, we work to make each of our guest’s recovery last a lifetime, that is why we encourage the continuation of recovery maintenance following our program. In fact, we provide transportation to and from sober meetings to get our guests acclimated and integrated into the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) communities. 

As a result, our guests already have a solid sober community to grow in once they have completed treatment. Once you leave rehab and rejoin your community, you are encouraged to find a sober companion in the form of a sponsor or peer to strengthen your recovery.

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