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United Healthcare Insurance Drug Rehab Coverage

United Healthcare is one of the largest providers of healthcare insurance in the nation. They offer addiction treatment coverage at several different levels of care including detox, residential inpatient, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient. Being one of the largest providers, United Healthcare has one of the most expansive networks of treatment options for their customers. They select specific providers to be in their network and ensure these facilities meet strict quality standards.

Depending on your plan, United Healthcare also offers benefits for out-of-network providers. While almost all insurance plans offer some assistance paying for drug or alcohol rehab, the amount allowed, out-of-pocket costs, and deductibles will change based on each individual plan. The quickest and easiest way to determine what benefits are included in your plan is to give us a call. Our team of treatment experts are available to assist you, 24/7. You can also fill out our free and secure insurance verification form to learn about your specific benefits based on your insurance plan.

Does United Healthcare Cover Drug Rehab?

If you have United Healthcare as your insurance provider you are likely wondering if you are covered for addiction treatment. The answer isn’t completely “yes or no”, however, most plans will have some form of mental health benefits attached. According to law, healthcare providers are required to treat a substance use disorder in the same way they would handle any other medical service. To determine your level of benefits as quickly as possible, call our insurance verification experts right away.

Does United Healthcare Cover Alcohol Rehab?

If alcohol has become a problem for you and are ready to get help for your addiction, you’ll want to know “Does United Healthcare cover alcohol rehab?” Alcoholism is not looked at any differently than another debilitating mental disorder. What this means is that so long as you have mental health coverage, you will be covered for at least some form of alcohol rehab. This doesn’t guarantee that all services will be covered. To find out what services are covered under your plan, call our treatment advisors.

Does United Healthcare Cover Inpatient Treatment?

Critical to the continuation of care, inpatient treatment usually directly follows a stay in a medical detox. United Healthcare generally will cover at least some of the costs of inpatient drug or alcohol rehab regardless of plans. Coverage for inpatient treatment will depend on your specific United Healthcare plan as well as the state you live in.

Does United Healthcare Cover Outpatient Treatment?

Many substance abuse facilities will recommend the outpatient level of care, following the completion of a residential inpatient program. Outpatient treatment allows those in the program to resume everyday life, while remaining connected to some form of treatment. This level of care is covered by United Healthcare at varying levels, depending on your plan.

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