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Medical Mutual Health Drug Rehab

Alcohol and drug addiction have taken grip of a countless number of people across the United States. The devastating effects can be throughout communities and families everywhere. Those who do not receive treatment, hurt not only themselves, but their families and loved ones on their path of destruction. Fortunately, treatment is more accessible today than ever before.

Those with health insurance are even more fortunate since the cost of treatment can be high. If you have Medical Mutual insurance, your stay in a drug rehab may be completely or partially covered. Even most standard plans under Medical Mutual provide inpatient and outpatient services. Your exact cost will depend on several factors including the facility you choose, your deductible, and your copay. We are here to help you determine your level of benefits and get you the help you need right away. Use our free and secure insurance verification form to learn about your coverage or call us and one of our addiction professionals will walk you through the benefit verification process.

Does Medical Mutual Cover Drug Rehab?

As a Medical Mutual member, you can rest easy knowing that most of your substance use and addiction treatment will be covered. All standard policies cover at least some of the costs associated with a stay in a treatment facility—both inpatient and outpatient. These basic plans cover a minimum of 20 days of inpatient treatment per year. The amount you will actually end up paying out-of-pocket will depend on your specific plan and its limits and deductibles. Looking into the details of your personal policy will help you better understand your options.

Does Medical Mutual Cover Alcohol Rehab?

Addiction comes in all forms. Alcohol dependence is no different than an addiction to any other substance in the eyes of Medical Mutual. That means you will be covered just the same for alcoholism as you would any other addiction. Your length of stay, approved providers, and out-of-pocket costs will vary based on your policy.

Does it Cover Inpatient Treatment?

Most will end up in a residential inpatient facility immediately following a medical detox. Medical Mutual is known to cover some of the fees and costs associated with a stay in an inpatient treatment facility. In certain cases, the total cost of treatment could be covered by your plan. The easiest way to find out your level of coverage is to give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

Does it Cover Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment is usually recommended for most people after a stay in a residential inpatient facility. Medical Mutual standard plan includes a minimum of 20 consecutive visits for approved outpatient programs. However, some plans will include more coverage and options. Check your plan details to find out your level of benefits.

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Medical Mutual offers a wide range of services that make getting help for addiction as easy as possible. The majority of plans cover some amount of the cost of treatment. With less stress and worry about finances, you can focus on what’s really important—getting well.

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