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Frank Cid

Founder and CEO

In September of 2009, Frank Cid vowed to change the face of the substance abuse treatment industry. In an area of healthcare where quality care was not the standard, he began opening expertly staffed, state of the art…

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Shannon Cid

Executive Director

Shannon Cid has her Bachelor’s in Zoology, and was a Pre-Med student at North Carolina State University. Shannon has her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University and is currently pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Education.…

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Dr. Lisa Tomsak

Medical Director

Lisa Tomsak has served as the exclusive Medical Director for the Royal Life Centers family since 2016 – a trait that is rare in the industry, as many medical directors take seats at multiple facilities. Dr. Tomsak works…

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Dominic Henry

Admissions Coordinator

Dominic Henry was born and raised in New York City, eventually moving to Florida to get those suffering from substance use problems the help and guidance that they need. With almost five years at Royal Life Centers, he…

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Gina Charneco

General Manager

After moving to South Florida, Gina Charneco became an active member of the recovery community. An alumni of Royal Life Centers, Gina has been a devoted employee since 2012 and remains one of our most trusted and exemplary…

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Joseph Ferrance

Physician's Assistant

Joseph Ferrance grew up in Washington state, served six years in the armed forces, and attended the University of Washington School of Medicine for training. He has been a Physician Assistant for 17 years and has found his…

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Kelsey Kulick

Executive Assistant

Kelsey Kulick is the executive assistant to the owner and CEO, Frank Cid, at Royal Life Centers. She provides high-level administrative support for the company and its top executives on a daily basis. Kelsey began working at Royal…

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Kristie Slinskey

Clinical Director

When Kristie Slinskey moved to Florida in 2008 and saw the pain that substance use disorder was causing so many families, she decided she wanted to be part of the solution. After earning her master's degree in social…

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Marc Anthony

Director of Business Development

Marc Anthony is a New York native who traveled to South Florida to find sobriety and is extremely proud to call himself one of Royal Life Center's first alumni. He has been working in the substance abuse field…

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