Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!
Honor the power of your voice and begin your journey with us today!

Inpatient treatment
at Royal Life Centers

Our full continuum offers two highly structured, comprehensive inpatient programs for alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation. Our inpatient programs at Royal Life Centers are both residential programs, meaning you will live in our home-like facility for the duration of the program. Our inpatient residential treatment brings both around-the-clock medical care and clinical excellence.

We offer a safe, private space with 24/7 medical staff who will help you ease into this first phase of early recovery. During our medically-assisted detox program, our doctor will prescribe a medical taper to treat your withdrawal symptoms for a comfortable experience stepping out of addiction and into a life free from the weight of depending on a substance to get through life.

With over a decade of experience in helping others better their lives, we will help you recover one step at a time.

Your call is strictly confidential, we adhere to HIPAA guidelines for the protection of your identity and health information.

Years Experience
Levels of Care

Hi, We're Royal Life Centers,

We provide a full continuum of care to treat substance/alcohol use disorders. We prioritize safety, efficiency, and comfort. We rely on our accomplished staff members for their clinical excellence and medical expertise. From the moment you walk into our facility, you will be greeted with kindness, respect, and dignity. We create a community of belonging, where anyone who is ready for change is able to get started and grow in the recovery process with their peers. We provide the skills and tools you need to get and maintain sobriety, giving you everything you need to build a happy, healthy, and meaningful life.

Our residential inpatient programs are carefully designed to provide both medical excellence and clinical care. Our medical professionals are on-site 24 hours a day, ensuring your safety and comfort during the process of early recovery. We begin our residential inpatient programs with an evaluation and assessments to get to know you and your medical history, current medical conditions, the presence of any psychological conditions or co-occuring disorders, and more, all so that we can customize a program that will help you heal efficiently and effectively. Getting to know you will provide a foundation for the customized detox protocol and clinical treatment plan you will be working on in our inpatient programs.

A look at our full continuum:

Medical Detoxification

4-8 Days
  • Medication provided for you comfort
  • 24-Hour nursing staff on-site
  • Therapy begins during detox, alongside your medical care
  • Individual counseling sessions with a mental health counselor


14-30 Days
  • 24-Hour nursing staff on-site
  • Gym membership included for each guest's physical wellness
  • Individual and group therapy sessions
  • 12-Step Program Integration


12 Weeks
  • Sober living residences on our campus
  • Gym membership included
  • Continuing education option to obtain your GED or enroll in college courses
  • Employment services and assistance
  • Transportation to 12-step meetings, grocery store, and any outside doctor/dental appointments

During our residential inpatient programs

We work with most major insurance providers

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We know the first step is often the hardest. All you have to do is to reach out for help. From here, we will do what we do best— help you

For over a decade, we have established ourselves as a top-tier treatment facility in this industry. Accredited by the most prestigious accrediting bodies in the United States, we have earned our title as being in the top 10 best treatment facilities in the country. Our medical director has two decades of experience in addiction medicine, and our clinicians specifically specialize in addiction recovery. Most of our staff members have a personal history of recovering from substance use disorder, making them especially helpful in understanding how you feel and providing living-proof for how life can look on the other side of addiction.

Addiction Treatment Center

customizable care

Dozens of Therapy Types Offered,
1x1 Therapy Sessions When You Need Them.

We create a clinical plan that meets your needs and goals. We provide every level of care, so whether you are just starting your recovery or are further along in the process, we have programs to meet you where you're at. During detox & inpatient care, you will attend therapy daily and are able to meet with a mental health counselor for one-on-one sessions as often as you would like, even if that's daily.

Any tough moments, moments of doubt, fear, anxiety, depression, happiness, joy, laughter, and contentment— we are right here with you. Here to support you, because your life is valuable and our mission is to show you why.

Evidence-Based Treatment For Proven Results

At Royal Life Centers, we use only evidence-based treatment methods that have research to back proven results. From cognitive behavioral therapy to our adventure therapy, each therapeutic method implemented in your treatment plan is expertly designed to provide you with results.

Sumner Treatment Center

Our Admissions Process

When you are asking for help, it’s important to streamline the process as much as possible to get you help right away. Since we’ve been helping people for over a decade, we have made our admissions process simple and quick. Here is how the admissions process works:


Contact us

You can call us directly, send an email to admissions, fill out an insurance verification form, or submit a request for us to contact you. Tell us a little bit about what’s going on, your name, and basic information for the individual who is seeking treatment if you’re not the person needing treatment. We will use this information to create a chart in our confidential EMR (electronic medical records) system, so that when you call back in, any one of our admissions coordinators can be able to find your information quickly and continue building the chart for your admission. This way your not repeating your story and needs over and over again if we’ve already spoken with you.


Check your health insurance coverage

If you plan to use your health insurance to cover treatment, we will need to gather your insurance information. Health insurance is not required, so if you don’t have insurance we can discuss payment options for the treatment program(s) you have decided on. Our programs have always been affordable so that the cost of treatment doesn’t become a burden on families and loved ones. This step can be tackled in your initial call, or you the admissions process can be expedited if you verify your insurance online. 


Do a 5-10 minute pre-assessment

This pre-assessment takes place over the phone and takes a short amount of time. During the pre-assessment, the individual looking to enter our treatment program will be asked questions about their drinking/drug use history, medical history, motivation for treatment, and current health conditions. We have an additional protocol for COVID-19, which happens before your in-person screening at our detox center.


Pick a day/time

Schedule a date and time you would like to come into the facility to formally admit.


Come to us

Come to the facility at your scheduled time! If we have arranged your flight from out-of-state, we will keep tabs on your flight and have a driver pick you up from the airport when you arrive. If you live in close proximity to our facility, we can also put a plan in place to transport you to our facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a full continuum of care. In addition to this continuum, our programming is comprehensive and offers case management, continuing education opportunities, job/employment courses, medication management, and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) throughout all programs at Royal Life Centers.


Our treatment programs include:

  • Medical Detox Program
  • Residential Inpatient Program
  • 12-Week Program (PHP + 2 phases of IOP)
  • Outpatient Program
  • Sober Living


Our 12 week program is a unique, structured step-down program that spans our partial-hositalization program and two phases of intensive outpatient treatment. This is a long-term program that significantly improves sustained recovery treatment outcomes.

Residential inpatient means that our program takes place in a residential facility, which is a home-like setting that provides comfort, features, and amenities. We are not a hospital-like setting, our residential facility is comfortable, with a small number of bedrooms, main areas, and recreational rooms used for watching movies, playing Xbox, or doing yoga.

Inpatient speaks to the level of care we provide. There are various levels of care, and they are labels used to speak to the medical and clinical care provided within those settings. Inpatient is one of the highest levels of care, it means you live within our facility on our campus for the duration of the program, it means we provide medical and clinical care 24/7, and it means you will receive the highest number of clinical hours per day. Clinical hours means therapy. 


During residential inpatient, you will be living in our facility for the duration of the program, your day will be structured with 5 or more therapy sessions, you will be monitored by medical professionals with check-ins every 15 minutes at minimum, and you will have access to clinical staff no matter what time it is.

Our locations in Washington include:

  • Lacey, Washington (Medical Detox, Residential Inpatient, 12 Week Program, Outpatient + Sober Living)
  • Sumner, Washington (Medical Detox, Residential Inpatient)
  • Spokane, Washington (Medical Detox, Residential Inpatient)
  • Mead, Washington (12 Week Program, Outpatient + Sober Living)


Our locations in Arizona include:

  • Medical Detox in Prescott
  • Men’s-only Inpatient Program in Prescott
  • Women’s-only Inpatient Program in Prescott
  • Co-ed IOP/OP in Prescott, Arizona

Our program length is highly customizable, to best fit what you need to achieve a solid foundation for lasting sobriety. Our detox program is either 4 or 8 days, depending on the severity of your withdrawal symptoms. Residential Inpatient is a 2-week accelerated program, but can be extended to 30 days at your request. We offer a long-term treatment program that is 12 weeks in length. This long-term option is a step-down program that spans our partial-hositalization program and two phases of intensive outpatient treatment. If you wanted to do our full continuum of care, you would be looking at a length of about 4-5 months total. 

Our full continuum of care (detox, residential, and the 12-week program) is a little more than 3 months in length, however, if you wanted to continue care with us on an outpatient level, we also offer outpatient programming with or without housing. We have sober living residences that are close to our clinical building, and offer a range of amenities alongside a built-in full-time sober living staff and transportation services to and from 12-step meetings, the grocery store, and even outside doctor/dental appointments.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are not permitted to allow any family members or friends into our detox or inpatient facility at this time. During your medical detox, we enact what’s called a “black out period” which just means you are not permitted to freely make phone calls to friends and family without permission from your therapist. If you choose to sign a release of information, your family members and friends can call our facility every day if they want to hear how you’re doing and your overall progress. Family members and friends are also allowed to send letters or care packages, which will be searched before being passed along to you.


If you are in our 12-week step-down program, family members and friends are permitted on our sober living campus for visits.

The way our programs are structured allow for you to choose which therapy types you would like to use, as well as which group therapy courses you would like, based on your needs and goals. Our therapies include, but are not limited to: rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), motivational enhancement therapy, accelerated resolution therapy (ART), music therapy, equine therapy (therapy with horses), experiential therapy, biofeedback, etc.

We do integrate our curriculum with 12-step support groups like Alcoholic’s Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and 12-step themes, however we offer and support multiple programs of recovery. We use an abstinence-based, holistic model of addiction treatment.

We do not have a blanket cost for treatment if you are using health insurance, since deductibles and/or co-pays are different for everyone. If you are using health insurance, cost is dependent on your coverage, policy plan and benefits. If you do not currently have health insurance, we offer a private payment option which is one of the most affordable rates across the country for a private rehabilitation center.


The best way to find out your insurance coverage is by calling our admissions department with your insurance information in hand, our admissions coordinators will take a look at your specific policy and give you an accurate overview of any remaining deductible, active benefits, and any out of pocket expenses. Alternatively, you can check your coverage by filling out this form; one of our admission coordinators will call you to go over your specific plan’s coverage and will be able to provide an exact out-of-pocket cost if there is one.

Our Approach

Your clinical team, — made up of your case manager, primary therapist, mental health counselor, and our medical team,- will make sure your treatment plan is fit to your needs, goals, and circumstances. We customize your group therapy courses, individual therapy methods, medications, etc. based on what you need. One size does not fit all, which is why our programs are individualized to provide you with what you need.

Spokane Heights

Guest Once,
Family For Lifetime

We treat our guests as part of our family. Providing unparalleled support at every stage of the recovery process is how we show it. Even after you complete our program, you are welcomed as into our alumni community. We offer weekly meetings for our alumni, monthly events, and so much more! We want our guests to know that they can always call us if they need someone to talk to, that we will always be there to help them up when they're down and still be by their side to celebrate accomplishments in sobriety.


Checkout A Success Story To Get Inspired

Our success is when our guests get the chance to exceed their expectations. Check out the latest success story.

From A Parent's Perspective

Alan R.

Parent of RLC Alumni

Highly recommend

My son has finished detox,and treatment at the Sumner facility. He has been to other treatment centers in western Washington. None have worked…. Until now. Royal Life has been the answer to my prayers. Like I said he finished up at Sumner then moved on to the live in facility, “The Haven” He’s the happiest I’ve seen him in ten + years now. He has joy in his life again. And a clear picture where he wants be in the future. I have to say one of the things that separates Royal Life from others. Is, he had one councillor his whole stay. So they were always on the same page. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate what they have done for my son, And me as well. I appreciate all the staff and all the help they’ve been to us. A special shout out to Frank, and Louis in Sumner. And Margaurette in Lacey. Also, to my son Lucas. For his willingness to try again. Thank you so very much for all your help. I appreciate you so much.

Update: It’s been several months now… My original post doesn’t even come close to describing what a positive, life changing, experience it’s been for not only my son, but myself as well. All the worried sleepless nights, all the frustration, all the behaviors that go along with the addicted, and those who love them. What Royal Care has done for my son is so far above and beyond what I hoped for. My son is clean and sober. He has spark again, and the fire is getting more intense every day. He’s working has a great job. Has excellent support all around him. He’s done the work, and looks forward to everyday. I can’t thank Royal Care enough. I recommend them so far above and beyond any other facility that we have dealt with. Thanks again so very much to Royal Care.”

discover your best self

Washington Treatment Center
Where we believe everybody deserves to be living their dream life.

We believe that overcoming past and present adversity serves as an asset that allows for self-growth and the changing of behaviors.

We aim to shift guests’ perspective from seeing addiction as a life sentence to seeing guests’ recovery as an inquisitive, unique and enthralling experience to find their higher selves. So, once a passion is sparked and a flame is ignited, the perceived “need” for drugs and alcohol diminishes and is replaced with a craving to experience life with clarity. Guests gain the self-love and self-respect to finally want a better way of life because guests realize they deserve to grow and flourish in the world. “Because We Care,” not only do we teach guests how to reclaim their lives, we empower guests to re-integrate the forgotten parts of self in order to attain self-reliance.

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