Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery

At Royal Life Centers, we have incorporated Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery, an evidence-based virtual reality (VR) program developed by Dr. Phil McGraw himself and his son, Jay McGraw, into our holistic therapy program. Residential inpatient guests view a DVD in a group setting, and guests in our nine-week outpatient program participate in the VR component in an individual capacity based on their therapy needs.

There are two components to Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery program: a virtual “sit-down” with Dr. Phil and an in-depth workbook that guests complete. Each exercise (29 in total) consists of these two parts. Guests will discuss their workbook responses with their individual therapist.

This program is not meant to be implemented on its own; rather, it is designed to complement to existing inpatient and addiction rehabilitation programs. By bridging the structured setting of inpatient rehab and outpatient treatment, the program is meant to help people confront their problems, identify the roots of these problems, and work to create lasting solutions.

Introduced in early 2017, Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery combines innovative technology with Dr. Phil’s decades of experience to change the addiction treatment landscape. RLC stays on top of the latest trends in rehabilitation and addiction therapy and is proud to be one of few facilities in the country that has adopted this new method for treating substance abuse.

With over 45 years’ psychology and mental health experience, Dr. Phil understands the approaches and tools needed to effect change in the lives of those with substance use disorder. His VR tool immerses individuals in commonly triggering scenarios, like a bar, and his own backyard and show set as he talks them through handling high-risk situations. Knowing how to do just this— appropriately handle high-risk situations— is critical in recovery, especially early recovery.

Our therapy programming at Royal Life Centers highlights the building of skills such as this and helps guests to develop self-awareness and stronger reasoning/judgment. Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery program is just one more resource we’ve made available to our guests to provide them the most comprehensive, effective treatment and lay the needed foundation for success in long-term recovery.

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